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Happy 1st Birthday, DOOD!

Birthday Dood copy.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson.

It's time to celebrate, kick back, steam some broccoli and enjoy the fact that the DOOD is part of our lives. He's come a long way-from being an abused four month old kitten who only knew how to attack or chase humans, instead of love them (and who could blame him after being kicked and taunted by the kid in the home he was living in?).

Even before I realized any of his social issues, I had a bad scare last July, right after I rescued Doodlebug. He tested positive for Feline Leukemia. The next two months ticked by so slowly. DOOD had to be confined to the bathroom until he could be re-tested and two tests confirmed he did NOT HAVE FELINE LEUKEMIA! During those months I worked with him, teaching him that hands were not toys or weapons and that he could have fun and feel safe around me. It took many months to get him to overcome his tendency to attack, but eventually he began to relax and not be so aggressive.

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. My Broccoli: Happy Birthday. Starring me singing (eek)!

Today, the DOOD only jumps in my lap, instead of attacking me. He gives me microdermabrasion treatments to my face with his enthusiastic licking, and likes to lie upside down in the crook of my arm when it's time to go to sleep. He often reaches out his front paws and rests them on my cheek. Some times he does it when I'm asleep. It always makes me laugh. He's never extended his claws-ever. He seems to like to touch his paws to my skin. In fact, I checked to make sure I didn't miss that he was declawed he's so careful with me.

Birthday Boy.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. the DOOD this morning

the DOOD has blossomed in more ways than one. He weighs 14 pounds, 3 ounces! He runs like a drunk rabbit. He “hog piles” onto Blitzen, then attack-licks him. He climbs into the kitchen sink and he chases after the other cats for pure sport. He's not perfect in every way, but my he's my perfect little brat.


Happy, Happy Birthday DOOD. Now go, eat your birthday broccoli.



Happy Birthday, Dood!!

OMG! Broccoli is so delicious isn´t? have a great day, Happy Birthday!!!!!

He is one GORGEOUS cat!

Happy birthday Mr. DOOD!!! We, your biggest fans, love you and your broccoli! :)

Happy Birthday, Dood! You're a 1 year old, wow. and birthday brocolli? Boy, talk about spoilt...

Merowmpf! And many more!!



Happy Birthday Dood boy! So nice to hear such a positive adoption story, thank you for sharing!


Dood -- My Uncle E could sure use some lessons from you in GENTLY patting your human~ his "happy paws" come complete with "happy claws!" Happy Birthday!!!

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