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The Goodbye Girls

I don't want to go upstairs into the foster room. I dread opening the door and seeing only two kittens in the room when just an hour ago there were four...just two days ago there were six. This is what I've been waiting for-for the babies to be adopted, but this is the tough part of running a cat rescue; letting go.

Periwinkle & BlueBelle are adopted.

Gray Tabby in Glove.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Little Blue, Rescued!

Periwinkle and BlueBelle got under my skin in a big way. First, I'm a sucker for a fluffy cat; the fluffier, the better. Second, look at their EYES! The color of a new penny, copper, but just around the pupil is a tiny thread of lime. It's amazing. I've never seen eyes this color. I believe it's because the cats were born under a tree and the colors of the earth seeped into their bodies just after they were born. Those eyes put me in a trance.

Blue TV.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Lovelier with each passing day, Blue.

They're both incredibly sweet. Blue reaches up to me on her hind legs. She wants to be held. She wants to lay on me and purr her musical purr. It's not a solid purr, rather it's got many off-key tones to it. It reminds me of Bob.

Beautiful Blue.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Those eyes!

They're so soft and velvety. It's that diet. Kill the grain and the coat goes insane. It's so soft it doesn't even feel like fur. As Blue lays against my cheek I can smell her. It's a slightly sweet smell. I like the feeling of her fur as it brushes against my nose.

Blue and Blaze Intense.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Blue and Blaze.

More than anything, these two want to be loved and give love and they don't fear what's around the corner. Periwinkle dashed out of the foster room this afternoon and met Nicky and Gracie who were napping on the bed. Peri just purred and went over to each one and say hello. No one hissed. Peri went over to Gracie and sat next to her. Peri could be Gracie's daughter. Damn. It just made me want to keep her all the more.

BlueBelle is Well Read.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Yes, Blue likes Harry Potter.

Why can't these cats be bad tempered? Why can't they bite me or hiss? Why do they have to be so pretty and affectionate? And of course, they love me so how do I give them up?

Peri and Bluey copy.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Blue and Peri not long before their new family came to adopt them.

I did it for the children. The two girls who have dreamed of Peri and Blue since they met them at my last adoption event. The 12 year old, older sister, did a drawing for me of Peri and Blue. It shows her 9 year old sister dancing in a spotlight, as a ballerina, with BlueBelle at her feet. Off to the side, behind the curtain on the stage, is a self portrait with Peri sitting on a chair holding a sign in her paws that reads, "10." Peri is scoring the performance and felt it was top notch. I thought the drawing was, too.

Nunes_Ranchy Drawing_sm.jpg
©2011 Nunes-Ranchy.

Peri as Yoda.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Baby Peri.

Stacey, the girl's mother, told me they were singing a song about Kitten Associates that they made up. When the girls met the kittens, they were enchanted. Peri and Blue would be the first cats they ever had. I couldn't help but think how lucky they were to start their love of cats by having two such great companions and how lucky the kittens were to have two doting young ladies be their new best friends.

Basket full of cutie.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. What an amazing transformation!

I thought back about my first cat, a kitten named Sarafina. She was pure white and had blue eyes. We moved out of state shortly after we got her and she was boarded at a Vet until we got unpacked from our move. Something happened to her and I was told she died. She never grew out of kittenshood and I never found out if that was really what happened to her. I was only 5 years old, yet it still haunts me that I never got to grow up with her.

Peri looking up.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Who wouldn't love that face?

I can come up with all the reasons in the world why this is a good adoption, a good family who really cares about their cats. I know this is the right thing for the kittens, but I lost a little bit of my heart to them and I will certainly never forget them.

Princess Peri.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson.

I have to focus on Truffles and Blaze. They need homes, too, and I need to make room. The Angel Babies will be here on Saturday. Four more kittens to fall in love with...four more kittens to find homes for. The familiar cycle begins again. My heart is heavy, but I know they'll help soften the edge of my sadness.

Peek a Boo.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Peek-a-Boo! I see you!

To Blue and Peri, may you live a long life, full of love and joy, with a family who is devoted to your care and well being. I hope the sadness and confusion you feel today will fade into simple joy, looking out a new window onto a fresh, new world.

The One. Peri.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. I love her peach colored toe.

You survived a very long journey and met a lot of wonderful people whose love sustained you. You're ready to be with a family you can call your own. It's time. Farewell my sweeties.


This post is so lovely.

I'm so happy the babies are going to such a loving home. That drawing is AMAZING.

They should make it into a postcard/card or framed picture and SELL It on ETSY! Such talented young ladies!

Great job Robin and thanks for the updates on these babies - i feel like i know theM!


A very touching post today, Robin! They are indeed beautiful girls.  You're so right though, that it's time for them to have a new home, with people that love them. Sounds as if their new family are delighted to have them and will do their best for them. 

Sometimes life is about loving, but letting go. You brought the kittens to this point and now it's time for them to go and do what you brought them up to do - bring joy to other people.  Isn't it wonderful, that you have the ability to do that - to bring joy, both to the cats you help and the people that those cats go on to live with and love?  Sure, sometimes there are sad stories, but not if you can help it - You are a Joy Bringer, a Love Sharer, a Special Person.

Well done Robin.  Another Kitten Associates Success Story!! 

Damn, Robin, you always bring tears to my eyes! They're gorgeous and yes, especially their eyes. You have lots of beautiful photos to remember them by.

*tears in my coffee*

Dear Robin,

You did such a magificent job getting these little ones "grown up" even while working through your own challenges and now you (and the Universe) is giving these talented young ladies two exceptionally loving furrballs. They will experience happy and sad times together, comforting and celebrating with one another!  Good times!

I LOVE the fact that the girls are artists! Artists and cats go together (YOU know!!! *wink* ) What a wonderfully inspiring drawing!!!

Hugs to the kitties...and the girls!  Gosh!!! Christmas is coming early to CT! :-D

Anna xoxoxox

I love your post today, so very heartfelt.  These beautiful kitties have been blessed to have such a great start in life, and I think you have picked a great home for them.  Love the little girl's drawing.  Very special!

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