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Giving Thanks

A life spent with as many cats as I have, is not always easy. Often it's disappointing or irritating. There's one thing after another that needs to be cleaned or fed, fights broken up, nerves soothed. The fine red lines that run across my body, are a written history from years of being foolishly close to razor sharp claws.

But then there are those moments, those perfect jewels of bliss. Watching a chubby kitten sleeping contentedly with a full belly and no fearful dreams to disturb his slumber, makes up for the scars.

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©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. The DOOD.

The difficulty of the day is lost in soft fur and soothing purrs; in being covered by cats. Their ease is mine. We rest as one. Tomorrow will come along and push me around, but that's okay. I have this moment, this fine moment.

Nicky thanks.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Oh Nicky...what will we find out about you next week? Do you really have lymphoma? Please do not let it be so.

After a stifling loss a few months ago, my heart is still quite heavy. I'm thankful to the ones still with me for reminding me that I must continue to love, for their sake, if not my own. Perhaps they're teaching me not to close down, not to give up. I'll try to listen as best I can.

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©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Blitzen, my little “foster fail.”

I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I don't know how much longer I'll have a roof over my head. I'm grateful for what I've had for so many years. I'm greedy, though. I want it to keep going on as it has, my little house, full of purring cats.

I'm thankful for my friends, even the kinds that don't purr; the ones who I can talk to, spend time with, whose presence comforts me simply by knowing they're out there.

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©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Sweet Gracie.

I'm thankful to Sam for not giving up, for putting up with someone who is probably semi-feral, at best, who wasn't taught about love or given much of it, but who tries in her way to make up for her failings.

I'm grateful I'm not alone; that my words are read and that sometimes they help make someone else's life better. It means so much to me to know I make a difference, maybe one that is not measured in history books, but in my own heart. I know I've done some good to make up for some of the bad; and I hope the former will outweigh the latter in time.

©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Spencer, now 10 years old. My boy.

My wish to all of you is that you take a moment to really look around at your family, at your life. Drop all the little worries you might have about the turkey being overcooked or that you forgot to buy cranberry sauce. Look into the eyes of those you love and savor that moment. You have a precious life and you are loved. Today is about appreciating what we have-try not to be in such a hurry. I don't want you to miss the good stuff that's right in front of you.


Happy Thanksgiving.


2013 UPDATE: Nicky did not end up having lymphoma, but he does have a mass in his spleen (not cancerous) and he has renal disease, so that means his kidneys are failing. His dad, Sam, has been giving Nicky fluids every other day since this post was written. Nicky gained a little bit of weight and has been doing fairly well-another reason for us to be thankful on this special day.


It is good to remember what is good in our lives, especially today. Your post is warm, loving, poignant and has facets in it that we have all experienced, and wisdom in what we have both weathered and enjoyed...

Robin this is a lovely post.  I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you find some peace, quite and thankfulness.  I wish you many blessings in the coming year.

That was so sweet. I agree! :-)

Great posting. I too get frustrated at all the puke and pee I have to clean up..and telling my kitties to stop hissing or fighting..but in the end, they mean so much to me and I am OK with it. I wouldnt trade them in for anything. They are my life.

What a lovely post.  I agree wholeheartedly with you.  Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, all your loved ones and all the special cats in your care.

Noah Matan just said: "ohhhhh! Kee-kat!" and at my Spence's photo, too... :)

xo to you, lovely one.

I hope he's doing WELL!!!!!!

I have only 1 cat right now and 2 dogs. I had never had a male cat or anything for that matter. Always girls. I got Tig from a lady that rescued ferals around her apartment complex and he was one.  Tig loves to eat. He is not fat and I can feel his ribs but he is 16 lbs plus.  I used to be able to cut his nails, but no so much anymore. He usually wins and leaves proof that he really isn't into letting me clip.  Still working on that small issue.  He isn't the typical lap cat or full of affection until he wants it. His form of love is head butting and rubbing my face at night in bed.  Then he uses my fuzzy red robe to knead and purr and when he is contented, he will fall asleep peacefully.  I wake up alot at night and always kiss him on the nose.  I read that cats don't like and or are not impressed with humans and kisses.  I would have to disagree. He will come up to me early morning and touch my mouth with his.  He is very skittish and does not like new people or animals in his world. He will stay hidden in our bedroom for days vs being social. I use spirit of essences to help keep him calm. It does help. Not a total solution but at least he does benefit from it. We put shelves up our living room wall that go to an alcove area - he has his fav toys and plays fetch.  Every morning he runs up and meows. That is because I need to round up all his little stuffed toys and throw them up so he can kill and bring down to me. He does this over and over some mornings.  He is not sure that he is a cat at times. He leads the dogs into a snack rally every morning while I make lunch.  First one to whine if I am not fast enough.  The dogs just lay n wait.  Not Tig.  He also goes out back now. He figures whats good for the dogs is good for him. So out he bolts.  He isn't a real jumper like my past girls. They were amazing incredible and very smart -- miss them so after all these years.  But he is smart enough to know going out back is safe and he behaves and even comes in when we call most times.  Tig is my therapy for many reasons. Loss of my daughter in 05, Raising our grand daughter and now a newer loss of my BFF to pancreatic cancer. At 62 now, I have learned so much from Jackson Galaxy and posts I never knew. After reading yours, I have to say you've touched my heart (sorry for the book) and I appreciated all you wrote of.  Thank you and hoping to read more from you down the road.... God Bless, Chris. 

this was great and so reminds me of me, I have several cats myself they are a constant source of pleasure, amusement, and companionship. My motto, when life throws you cat hair make a blanket!


This was a beautiful article. I love my little fur family and I hug and kiss my family (husband and 2 cats) as often as I can. I drive them crazy with so much love and I take a lot of time to spend with my furkids as I can, I think deep down they appreciate it. I can't imagine my life without them. I too lost a furkid a little over a year ago, still hurts my heart.

What a wonderful post, and such beautiful cats you have! We all have shared the same thoughts, loves, cat fights, and losses, Robin. But, my Lord, what would we do without our furry kitties to keep us grounded with their antics and love? They are such marvelous companions for us, and I wouldn't trade them for any other animal. Thank you for such a heartwarming post, and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless you, my dear!

Beautifully said!

My house burned down, all of my cats were stolen but two, my electric will be turned off next week. But the cats that remain are my babies and I wear my cat hair proudly. I have to fight on for them because they depend on me, need me. They love me and I love them. I have been told I can live in senior housing if I give up my two cats. I cannot do it. They have done so much for me, I would rather die than lose them.

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