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Foster Cat Journal: Still Sick!

Sniffles aka Blitzen.jpg
Blitzen is still struggling to get better.

Poor little Blitzen. I just can't seem to get him to turn the corner and get better. I'm taking him to the Vet tomorrow, along with Rudy (he's not doing well). I'm also taking everyone else! Ack! Might as well. Mama and Prancer are well enough to be spayed. I'm hoping it won't push them over the edge and make them relapse, which is why I'm only doing those two cats. Am going to take this VERY SLOWLY. If these two do well, then they can be adopted. The rest are still too sick to be messed with and I want to re-evaluate their meds, so off they go to the Vet.

Who dat.jpg
From left: Dancer, Prancer & Donner

I'm going to pick Rudy and Comet up now. Will have a full house for a few more days. It's a lot more work with them here, but they are such nice kitties, I do enjoy seeing them!

Deep breath. I will get these cats well...I HOPE!


Ask about chlamydia infection in their eyes. If that's what it is - it's highly contagious and they are just giving it back and forth to each other.

my adopted son's dog, Rose, she was head to tail demodectic mange. Her recovery took 18-months, and there were many, many days I cried on the bathroom floor and didn't know if I could save her. Many times the only thing that kept her from dying was me holding her by her rear paws and screaming "You will not die on my son!"

It was long, arduous and full of two steps forward, one step back, but we got through it. So will you and these kitties.

They look pretty good in photos, though you can see that Blitzen is having trouble with his eyes. Poor guy.
I am reminded though, that anyone who won't take an adult cat or older kitten, shouldn't be entrusted with a younger one. You'll find the right people to love these guys.

I keep hoping that when I see your posts it will be good news. But I still think they will be ok - I know that you are doing everything you can to help these little guys. Believe me, they really do appreciate it, and so do all of us who follow you. Having one sick cat is tough, so I can't imagine having that many, and most of them kittens. But know if we can do anything to help out we can - we are sending lots of healing thoughts to them all!

If I lived closer I would just have to have little Blitzen. I have never seen a more beautiful kitty - even with goopy eyes.
You are doing such a wonderful thing giving these kitties a chance at a good life. I am hoping the worst is over and you will be ready again when "kitten season" hits.
Sending you & Sam some good thoughts!

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