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Foster Cat Journal: Oh, Cheech

I took Cheech to the Vet on Monday to be neutered. It was time. His weight-up a half pound in over a week since he's been in foster care, put him over the two pound mark, so time to neuter...then on to his new home!

Everything seemed to go according to plan, though I was still concerned about Cheech's oddly round belly. I met a Vet this weekend and she looked at it and said she thought it could be worms, but couldn't not rule out FIP. That said, Cheech's overall appearance is good. He is eating fairly well, not great, not terrible and his “output” has been okay, but for a kitten it's rather dark and hard stool. He is playful, but he still hides like a kitten-Houdini. He's affectionate and loves to sleep on my chest, even belly up, some times.


The Vet called and said they could not do the neuter, not because Cheech wasn't mature enough, but because of that big belly. They took some blood to see if that would indicate something was going on. The tests didn't come back in full today-just a partial. So far, nothing is abnormal, but the coronavirus results weren't in yet-even though that's not a great diagnostic indicator.

Sure, it's great to be able to surf the net and get lots of info about any topic you can imagine but, it also sucks. I read more about FIP and it just made me cry. I can't say for sure that Cheech is even SICK right now, but geez...he could have FIP. He could. That belly looks just like the photo in the .pdf from Winn Feline's article! And then what happens to Cheech? We know what happens...

I just love this little guy. I love all my fosters, but he's one of the few that really got to me. He is completely adorable and charming. To imagine him not being able to have a chance to live a full life after rescuing him from a dumpster, would be really heartbreaking.

I understand that we don't have a diagnosis. That perhaps it IS a wormy belly or he ingested something funky in that dumpster? But why can't he come back here until the tests come in? At least he would have some time in a home, not in a cage.

Whatever it is, the waiting, wondering, worrying goes on. I know that the rescue road is paved with tears and bathed in the warm glow of hope. That's all we have right now. Hope. Hope that Cheech will be all right and hope that he can go to his forever home with his waiting family, soon.


Waiting through such uncertain circumstances, with such a terrible possibility present, is brutal.

Cheech and you will be in my thoughts. I pray this is nothing serious.

that coronavirus specifically, and a sick kitty in general are awful, but no matter what Cheech's results are, remember this: because of you, Cheech knows what it's like to give and receive love. Think of all of the cats and other animals that never know this, and know that you have given him a wonderful gift.

I'm crying! That may be true, but I would rather Cheech only START to learn about love and compassion from me, then get lots and lots more during the course of the next 20 years of his life! I'm greedy. What can I say? Cheech didn't show ANY signs here other than that damn big belly-which is one symptom of "wet" FIP...but that means nothing. I know you struggled with this problem, too and I don't want to make you cry to think about it. It's a matter of course..this stuff happens. We do our best. We love them and we let them go-either to a new home or...over the Bridge.

I will remain ever hopeful and thank you for the kind words. As always, you're a doll.

I am so sorry. This is the first time I've read about FIP. Might it be possible to put him in a home where's he's the only cat and where the people understand that they are just giving him a few good months? It is something I would do if I didn't have 5 cats already. Maybe someone else would feel the same?

We have to will these tests to come back OK.

Cheech is definitely adorable. I hope everything ends up as something that can be fixed. Anna's so right -- no matter what the outcome, Cheech has learned what love it that he would have never gotten at the dumpster.

I rescued a little guy from my office parking lot not too long ago. He was in baaaad shape, but the vet thought he had a fighting chance. Poor thing didn't make it through the night, and it completely broke my heart (how is it that you can fall for a kitten in such a short amount of time?!). I was sad, but I told myself that he was purring, warm, loved and cared for. Something no animal should ever go without, even if just for a short time.

Now, that said... Come on, Cheech!!!

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