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Foster Cat Journal: The Flying Snotsman

I had a good cry yesterday and got some rest, not enough, but a start. I talked to the Director and she said how badly she felt and how she knows just how I feel, too, but she was sorry she couldn't take any of the sick cats off my hands-you know she is wiped out, too.

I don't dare get into a rant about that right now, but let's just say-how badly does someone have to cry for help before the folks that are supposed to help, step up to the plate. I don't know how many times I've sucked it up, tired or not, but I guess that doesn't count when I'm in a jam.

Our dearest friend, Jennifer who had to put one of her kitties down a few weeks ago, ended up having to do the same thing to another cat yesterday. She is the one who also just adopted a 13 yr old, diabetic cat in very poor body condition. Jennifer is a Saint. On top of all that, she read my blog post and she called and offered to take Rudy and Comet. I'm torn by my own need for help and my fear that either of the kittens would get any of her cats sick. Also, Jennifer, do you really need more to do? Although, maybe having little ones running around would soften the heartache of losing a good friend? I can't say.

I'm going back to the Vet...again...I might as well get an apartment nearby. Hopefully Rudy and Comet's recheck will go well and they will be ok'd to go to Jennifer's. I'm bringing Blitzen back even though he was there yesterday. He has become so seriously snotty that it's terrifying me. I'm not a friggen' VET! I'm a Graphic Designer! It seems as though everyone expects me to just plug in some Sub-Q fluids or take temps on a wildly wriggly kitten or just some how know what to do for every little problem.

Ugh. Sorry for complaining. At least, so far (KNOCK WOOD), none of my cats are really sick. I'm hearing a sneeze or two and last night Tunie's eye was a bit runny, but overall they are OK. Hopefully, because they had better health to start with, they are able to fight this off. We'll could still flare up.

Lastly, I really appreciate everyone's supportive emails and comments. You've all been there with all of this stuff and it makes it somehow tolerable to know that you care so much! I wish I could give you all a huge hug right now! THANK YOU!


Robin, I can only imagine what you are going through. I have been to the vet twice in one week with my kitty who has FLUTD. We are going again, tomorrow, probably because now there is blood in the urine. It has been so frustrating and I feel like I am a nurse I am giving her so much medication. I cannot imagine doing this multiplied by several times and with something that is contagious. You are doing an amazing thing for these kitties. Hang in there and know that there are a ton of us pulling for you who wish we were closer so we could help in person.

Take her help - it will be therapy for her and a much needed break for you. You need less in your house to take care of so you aren't spread so thin with the ones you have. Once they are on the road to recovery - I will gladly foster anyone who just needs to fatten up and get some quality socialization! Hang in there and keep us posted!

You just about will be a vet by the time the week has concluded. If not a veterinarian, certainly a veteran.
Please talk to each of these little cats and tell each of them that Aunt Mary says they must get better now. They have caused enough mayhem and concern, everyone loves them and will be heartbroken should something go wrong, they must now make an effort, and rally, and do their little bit.

I'm glad you're coping a little bit better today. I agree that it isn't right that the director has given you the brush-off. I suggest you tell her (very firmly and with no apology in your voice!!) that when this batch are off your hands, you are on a break, until you feel able to cope with more.
You owe it to yourself, your kitties and also to poor old Sam, who has gone through so much of this with you... take some time out for you, him and your relationship (and maybe your graphic design career too!!). It's sad to hear/see you get so low and crushed by all these problems, when you were just trying to help. In the end though, you need the break before it all drives you totally crazy! Have a month off... two months, even 3. Perhaps you need to plan the next "helping phase" more carefully, using what you now know - maybe a month on, month off thing, or something... yet I know it's hard to say no to sad little cat faces, when you know what the alternative will probably be. But you're not superwoman and no one person can cope with all this by themselves (or even with a Sam around to hold the cats while you make them take pills!).
I hope you get some help from other local "cat folks" soon. Jennifer is (in English-parlance) a Brick!

Best wishes to you , Sam and kitties. xx

Nothing wrong with a little help if you need it and someone is willing to give it. She wouldn't offer if she wasn't willing. :)

You do GREAT things for all these cats and kitties. Keep it up!

I think Lizzie has the right idea. Caregivers often take care of themselves last and suffer for it - frequently not realizing they are at the breaking point until broken. After this batch a break for you and Sam seems right. Hugs and healing purrs for you and your charges... we'll keep you all in prurrayer until this is through!

I know at least by me. I wish I lived near you so I could help out - even if it was just coming and helping so you could take a nap or something. I don't foster (for various reasons) so I really just admire and adore anyone who does. You are giving these little guys a fighting chance. I really hope that none of your permanent residents get sick too but like you said, they are older and stronger so we are keeping our fingers crossed for you on that one. It bothers me that the director is saying she is too wiped out to help when you are obviously in the same boat.

I can sympathize with the frequent vet visits - for a while we weren't there quite as often as you are but we were there once a week for a while (at the time I had 5 cats including one who had lymphoma - he passed away in October).

I am far behind in my blog reading, but I also just read your Christmas arrives post - and I know how you felt. I always put on a good face at this time of year but it is very hard for me for the same reasons you have (although my parents have been gone a bit longer). Just know that you aren't alone - I wish there was more I could do but I just don't know what that would be. The best I can do is tell you we are sending you lots of good thought for you to get a break and for the kittens to just wake up and be healthy.

I've been in your shoes regarding calling and asking for help with kitties from the shelter I foster for. It does make you want to do a little bit less next time at the time.

I hope everyone is on the mend right quick.

Yes. The Flying Snotsman. A perfect name, too. An amazing amount of mucus, to be sneezed in my direction at any sudden moment. Where do they store all that stuff in those tiny little heads of theirs?! I was lucky, though, because Jack the Giant Cat was an older kitten and not a tiny, delicate little baby anymore. He had meds but not the giant collection your tinies have.

You have an enormous job with those little sickies and their momma and although we're all mammals, which somehow makes it easier, they're another species, which makes it harder. And they're tiny and delicate, too, and all different. Oh, I feel for you. When I first get infant kittens I have to learn their different personalities and behaviors and it takes me two or three days to really figure them all out and before I do they are just one potentially stress-inducing blob of squirming, hungry, fussing, peeing, pooping, needy little fuzzballs, not yet individuals. Wow, it's difficult!

PS: Except when they're sleeping that wonderful, angelic, soothing kitten sleep.

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