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Foster Cat Journal: Cat in the...what?

Last night while I was sitting at my desk, surfing the net, I heard a loud noise from the foster room, which is on the floor above my office.
Okay, so I'm not great about looking in on every single loud noise I hear. Usually, the cats have either unplugged the cable box or knocked books onto the floor, but this sound was rather a loud “thud.” I gave it a few minutes, then dragged my fat arse up the stairs to see “what now?!” was going on.

“Hello, Cupid.”

cupid in light box.jpg

This is a cover for one of my studio lights, called a soft box. It's used in photography. Instead of folding it down and storing it, I have it sitting on top of a shelf in the foster room. Apparently, Cupid go up into the shelf, then into the soft box, then fell. Once she landed, she realized she could not get OUT of the contraption!

When I walked into the room, she just sat there and stared at me. If I hadn't checked on her...yikes...she might have had a bad night and I might of had a poop filled soft to speak.

cupid in light box2.jpg

I think Cupid was embarrassed and I was certainly amused. Amused enough so that I didn't help her right away. Bad foster mommy. I had to take photos first. Hey, I have my priorities.


Cupid looks lovely in there... but I suppose you had to let her out eventually!
My Sherlock has discovered an empty alcove in the storage unit attached to my desk. It's under the desktop too, which makes it just right for a cat... the only thing wrong is that it doesn't have anything soft inside. I may have to "accidentally" put a cushion in there, I suppose.. anything to make a cat happy!

I do the same things!!!!!! That is so funny! You gotta take a pix for us!

Well I guess that makes me a bad kitty mom too, because I so would have gotten photos first...


Robin, NOT to worry - my VERY first thought when the kids (quadra AND bipedeal) get into a sticky situation? "WHERES THE CAMERA!" ;)

Well of course you needed a photo (or two) first lol Look at that guilty face :)

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