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Foster Cat Journal: Candy Begins Her Transition


I haven't socialized super-fractious kittens very often and Candy certainly is going to be among one of the toughest nuts to crack. It appears she has never been handled, given that she growls, spits, stomps and hisses if I get near her. She's still very young. Her back legs are still weak. She's very small. I would think she's no more than five weeks old.

I did some reading and there is the thought that it might take a week or two before she will come around. At this point, I would be surprised if it were that short of a period, BUT...Candy already has made some changes in just barely a day.

All alone copy.jpg

Yesterday, Candy ate some chicken baby food off a tiny spoon that was attached to a long stick. It was touch and go, but once she realized what was in the spoon, she ate, hissed a bit, ate, then started to meow LOUDLY. It was very clear that she is quite distressed and most likely, calling to her Mother. I took it as a good sign that she was meowing and eating in front of me, but of course I was sad, too. She must be going through Hell right now. She's alone, scared, wants to feed off her Mama. I can't comfort her. All I can do is hope she will find the courage to become to trust me and then I can give her all the love and comfort she so desires.

Last night I fed Candy more special treats. She has water and dry food all day, but she only gets the good stuff when I'm in the room. She kept crying and crying. Blitzen sits outside her door and cries when I'm in the room with Candy-which makes Candy cry even more.

The poor little baby.


This morning Candy hissed a tiny bit, but was fairly relaxed when I entered her room. I brought some raw food with me and she devoured it. I got her to come right up to the front of the crate, but she let me know she was not ready for any sort of interaction with me. At one point, she walked right up to the front of the crate, crying for her mama. She saw the door was open. I sat next to the crate with my hand on the door. I thought she was going to charge me to get out. The little bugger scared ME! She didn't attack, just gave me a warning hiss and returned to her corner.

She also used the litter pan in front of me, so that was good, too. I saw her step on her poop though, and there was nothing I could do to help her get clean. If I tried to wash her, she'd completely flip out. She wasn't in bad shape at all, so I opted to leave her be. It's too important for her to know me as something good. I have to wait.

A few folks made comments about the BIG scary brush that's visible in some of the photos. I've left it sit in the cage so Candy is used to seeing it. The goal will be to pet her with it before I ever touch her. Using a brush is safe for everyone and it may encourage Candy to come out of her shell. Yes, the brush is big, but it was the best I could find that had soft bristles and was small! So there.

The TV is on. The volume is turned low. Candy has the afternoon to rest and relax and I'll continue with socializing her again later. For inspiration, I will think back on my own cat, Cricket, who was MUCH older-maybe 6 months old, when I started working with him. I can rub his belly now and he's a big love-muffin. Will I ever see this with Candy?

I have to have faith that one day it will happen.


If anyone can accomplish this, it will be you Robin!

She is so cute :)

How does this compare with Tweetie's first days with you. He is certainly a success story!

She is utterly ADORABLE. Is there a chance that you could have Blitzen come in so she'd have company? That's good you are making progress. Poor little baby.

Tweetie would run and play. I could pet him, but he wasn't fond of it and he fear-bit (really BIT). It may sound odd, but he was far easier to deal with than this little girl. That said, I worked on him more AFTER he was neutered. I think that may have helped some. Not sure.

Candy is definitely a challenge, but I'm already seeing small improvements.


Sweet little Candy (okay - maybe not so sweet yet) - we hope that will know that Robin is a good person and will take super good care of you. We know it's scary for a little one to be without her Momma.

Sending purrs for happy progress,
Charlemagne and Tamar

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