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Finding Faith for Sweet Senior Sugar Cats in VIRGINIA

As someone who does rescue, I know that every cat who gets dumped off at a shelter is evaluated for adoptability. At far too many shelters, being over the age of 8 is all it takes to be euthanized immediately if there are space issues in the facility. The health of the cat is a major factor as well. If the cat is diabetic it stands VERY LITTLE chance of getting out alive. The stigma and possible expense associated with providing care to a diabetic cat turns off most adopters. They imagine it's too tough to do-who wants to give their cat a shot every day? Who wants to monitor the cat's blood sugar? Who has time to learn proper treatment for a cat they don't know?

Jibbitin cage copy.jpg
©2013 Heritage Humane Society. Jibbit is approx. 15 years old, is a male manx and is currently diabetic.

It takes faith, but I believe we can find a home for every cat who needs one.

Jibbit and Sunshine are cats who score very low on the adoptability scale at first glance. They are seniors-Jibbit is about 15 years old and Sunshine is about 11 years old. Both cats are diabetic.

Heritage Humane.png

Their owner died but left instructions in her Will that a specific family member should provide care for the cats. Instead of doing what was requested, the person DUMPED the cats and 4 others at the Heritage Humane Society (HHS) in Williamsburg, VA.

Sunshine in the cage copy.jpg
©2013 Heritage Humane Society. Sunshine is approx. 11 years old, is a female silver tabby and is currently diabetic.

Our friend Amy Sikes, who fosters kitties and who also offers up a portion of the proceeds of her sales of Avon products to my rescue, Kitten Associates, was contacted by her Vet. Her Vet is the same Vet HHS uses. He asked if Amy could foster Jibbit and Sunshine, but Amy said no because she works full-time and is also a Grad student. How could she give the cats insulin every 12 hours on her hectic schedule?

Sunshine and jibbit copy.jpg
©2013 Amy Sikes. Sunshine and Jibbit, (the Laser Cat!).

Amy saw photos of the cats and her heart melted. I told her about Diabetic Cats in Need (DCIN) and they quickly offered to assist Amy by providing testing tools and guidance about caring for the cats. Amy had faith it would work out and said YES to taking the cats into foster care.

Jibbit with no tail copy.jpg
©2013 Amy Sikes. Jibbit. Cute little guy!

Amy reports: These two furbabies truly are sweet cats I've ever met! Jibbit is a love-bug who wants to sit next to you and get petted while he purrs his wonderful purr. Sunshine is a little more reserved, but once she gets to know you, she'll come over to give your hand head-butts and cheek-rubs and purr happily for you. She also gives hugs when you pick her up!”

Just jibbit copy.jpg
©2013 Amy Sikes. Jibbit is a love bug.

Amy has a big heart and with all she has on her plate, she graciously opened her home to these two kitties. I asked her if they might go into remission now that they are both on an appropriate diet-which consists of affordable gluten free cat food.

It's too early to tell, but the blood sugar of BOTH CATS IS DROPPING ALREADY! Some cats go into permanent remission once they're on better food, but one would have to have faith that regardless of remission or not, testing is easy to do. Once you realize YOU aren't GETTING the shots, GIVING a shot isn't a big challenge, either.

Side of Sunshine copy.jpg
©2013 Amy Sikes. Sunshine give hugs.

What Jibbit and Sunshine need is one more person to have faith in them. Faith in the fact that because both these cats are very affectionate, that whatever extra needs to be done for them is worth the effort for all the love they'd give back in return. Cats are living longer lives and Sunshine could still live another ten years. Jibbit could sail along for too, but if he doesn't, even that's okay. Doesn't he deserves his last years knowing love?

Jibbit and Sunshine may be safe from being euthanized, but Amy can't give them a home for very long. It's not fair to her OR to the cats (she has another handful of foster cats to care for, too). These two need a HOME; a place where their new family won't give up on them regardless of what the future holds. It's possible that both cats will only need good food and no more injections one day soon. In the meantime, DCIN can provide guidance and possibly more than that, like testing equipment (contact them for details). I've cared for a diabetic cat in the past and it's not difficult when the cats are good-natured, as are these two kitties.

Sunshine copy.jpg
©2013 Amy Sikes. Who doesn't need a little Sunshine in their life?

What's wonderful about this story is that these cats have people out there supporting them. DCIN, HHS, HHS's Vet, Amy and myself have their backs. Now we just need ONE MORE PERSON to join our group and make this rescue turn into an adoption.

I have faith in my readers-that they can help do the impossible. We've found other needles in a haystack before, now we need to do it again for sweet Jibbit and Sunshine. Please help me spread the word about these deserving cats.

To learn more about Jibbit & Sunshine, Call Heritage Humane Society directly at 757-221-0150 or email Amy at:


Please SHARE this story with your cat loving friends! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

2.26.13 UPDATE: THE CATS ARE OFF INSULIN! It took all of 10 days to turn their diabetes around just with a DIET CHANGE!!!!! They are getting a check up on Saturday to make sure they are still OTJ (Off the "juice"-insulin). This means we only need a home for two sweet cats, not ones with health issues!


They're both soo lovely. i wanna have them. i want to give them a forever home they deserve. i'm in the middle east. do i have to pay for the adoption? im always willing to adapt them. i'll do my best to keep them alive and safe under my care. 

cat lover.

I would never ever wish for anyone's cat to be diabetic, but diabetic cat owners over and over are amazed at what gifts their cat becoming diabetic gave them.  The bond you form with your kitty is really something amazing. 

My kitty was nine when she became diabetic.  We were close before, but knowing that I gave her medicine daily that made her feel better seemd to transform it into something else.

Many diabetic cat owners report (and I've seen) that their cats ask for testing and their shot.  it really is something special!

Jibbit does ask for his shot!  I find that amazing!  Sunshine is less happy about it, but she's still fine to do.  The testing is another matter...probably because I still don't know what the heck I'm doing!

You can tell just by looking at them that Jibbit and Sunshine are GREAT cats! And that's reinforced by reading about them.  Yes, more and more people are adopting cats with special needs, mature cats, and other "less than perfect" cats, as they realize that THEY aren't perfect, either, but that they want a bond with someone who gives unconditional loyalty and love 24/7-365.  At some sanctuaries, people come from all over the world specifically to adopt special-needs cats.  As more and more people (hopefully soon!) come to realize that all of the superficial things matter very little and that the ONLY thing that means anything in this life is a true and lasting relationship with someone who truly cares and for whom they can truly care, more of these wonderful bondings will occur.  I'm sharing for Jibbit and Sunshine on my social networking pages, with special message, and hoping everyone else who reads your post will do likewise.  Let's get 'em home! ;)

Here is a very well written and comprehensive site which can answer most questions about treating (and in many cases, reversing) feline diabetes as well as preventing it. 

awsome job getting them OTJ!!

I am very happy to hear this update about Jibbit and Sunshine.  I am glad they are now off insulin due to a change of diet.  I hope that sometime in the near future they will feed a new furever home.  In the meantime, kudos to their kind foster mom and to you Robin for putting out the word about their need for a new home.

I've been sharing Jibbit and Sunshine to my s/n pages daily and praying for them to find a loving, forever home -- they so deserve it!  What beautiful and sweet cats.  Just wondering if there is a happy update yet.  Will continue to do all of the above for them until this occurs. <3

Wondering how Jibbit and Sunshine are doing and whether they have found a loving, permanent home yet.  Sharing them on my s/n pages with love and *PRAYERS*.  They are beautiful, great cats! 

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