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the DOOD started coughing three days ago. At first I thought it was a hairball, but quickly realized it was something far worse. This sort of cough is not a "hairball" cough. I got the DOOD to visit with Dr. Mixon yesterday morning, a few minutes before he began the surgery on Bobette. Because it was a last minute appointment there wasn't time to run any tests. He suggested we put DOOD on clavamox and see how he did, but something didn't sit right with me because he said it might be an obstruction, not illness.

Sick Dood.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. the DOOD, not feeling well at all…

Last night DOOD continued to have coughing fits, but he ate well and seemed quiet, but not completely out of touch with the other cats. I made an appointment for him to see Dr Larry at 9:30am. The morning couldn't come fast enough-even though I knew it was going to cost a lot more money for this Vet visit. I couldn't let DOOD suffer or possibly get a lot worse and need hospitalization.

DOOD was great at the Vet. He let everyone handle him without complaint. Dr. Larry thought the DOOD was adorable, but was concerned after he heard DOOD cough-which thankfully he did so Larry could get a better read on what was going on. I know the look on Larry's face when something isn't right and clearly DOOD didn't have a minor issue.

They did chest X-rays and blood work. The blood work didn't give them any additional information, but the x-rays showed an interstitial pattern in the top of his lungs. It might be pneumonia or something else. It's too soon to know. Right now DOOD has antibiotics on board via a shot but tomorrow I'm to start him on 2 weeks of clavamox and hopefully that will help him feel better.


I am terrified on a few fronts:


1. I'm worried about the DOOD, of course. I love that boy to bits and I worry we will lose him if he gets worse (which he was doing this afternoon so they gave him a shot instead of wait for me to start giving him meds when we got home)

2. I'm terrified that this is contagious. A few of the cats have a very mild URI. What if they ALL get this? It will bankrupt me, in addition to completely causing me to fall apart. I'm so close already and with Bobette's care-which has to be 24/7 right now, I'm just whipped, broken and beaten.

3. And what will happen to the cats…Spencer has breathing issues already. Gracie is going to the Vet tomorrow to begin the process of having a big cyst removed from her abdomen that might be cancer.

4. Bobette's kittens, who have had the runs for weeks-who we started on a de-wormer and flagyl have WORSE stool now…worse than ever!!! So I had to run to the vet for the 4th time today to drop off a stool sample for them to be tested.

There's just too much going on all at once with no one to help. I really need a volunteer foster home for Kitten Associates so maybe some one can foster the two kittens while I focus on their mom-who can't walk at all and who is whacked out on buprenex and falls over and can't get up-so I have to be with her all the time.

I have so much to catch you up on, but this is all I have time for. I need to raise some funds to help offset the costs for the DOOD. I hope to GOD he doesn't need to see a specialist and I know we just did a fundraiser for Bobette. If you can't help out, that's completely fine, don't feel bad. Every little bit helps right now and I appreciate whatever anyone can do.

Just use the Chipin above or to the right side bar if you can help. Thank you so much!!


Just want to let you know that the flagyl sometimes makes it worse before it gets better, like when I take 2000 units of pencillin a day, round the 3 day I am living in the bathroom.  I sure hope thats all it is, make sure they have fluids.. pedialyte is great.

Sure is tough when the kitties are sick; prayers for all.

I cant donate but I will spread the word b/c my 2 cats are my baies.And put you in my prayers...God Bless.

Sending a small donation, use it where it is needed.

 Praying for the gang:)

Oh my goodness, I feel for you so much right now.  Having so many trouble with so many amazing little cats that you love so much, it must be tearing your heart to pieces.  I so wish I could help financially somehow, but I'm not in a position to do so.  What I will do, though, if you approve, is write about it on my blog and add your donation button to the post (if that's possible).  I will also contact my blogging buddy group and see if they will also do the same.  


Please private message me at the email I included with any info you'd like me to share about all of the cats and problems they are having and with any instructions regarding the donate button.  I will pass that along to my group as well.  I can have the post up and running by tomorrow evening, if that's acceptable.  

I know things get tough, but rest assured the kitties do appreciate all you do for them, as do so many of your fans. Please stay strong, and keep positive. Sending love to all of your furkids, fosters and permanent members.

Hi Robin, sorry you're having such a run of problems with your lovely foster kitties!  I see that the counter for the Dood is way over the target, but I've chipped in a small donation anyway, which I know you'll use for whoever needs it. 

Prayers for the Dood, Bobette and Gracie to recover quickly, and hoping the kittens are soon fine also.  I hope you find a helper/support soon and can get straightened out.  Wish I was nearer...

I wish I was closer....I have been fostering for years and would love to help (but Ohio is a bit far). Please hang in there....I know it can be SO overwhelming at times.

Just a suggestion - you are probably already familiar with this idea. Although I have never tried it, I have read often that plain canned pumpkin (not pie filling) can be used for both diarrhea and constipation (the fiber in pumpkin regulates the water content of the stool) If the kittens have has the runs for WEEKS - maybe this is worth a try - small quantities mixed with bland food diet.

Sending prayers and purrs for all (and some postage stamps - wierd I know, but a donation is a donation, so helping how I can - hope you got them!)

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