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DoodleBug's FeLV Test Results are In!

Three days ago, DoodleBug tested POSITIVE for Feline Leukemia. I decided to have him re-tested right away, instead of waiting for two months. I wanted a confirmation that the first test was accurate.

Super Deb just called me with the results.




Okay, DoodleBug had only one test, but I just wanted to be emphatic about the results! I am SO thrilled!!!!!!!!!! This means that it may have been a false positive. To be sure, Doods will have to be STUCK in the bathroom for TWO MONTHS until we re-test him one more time, BUT it is very likely he is just FINE, thank you. And does NOT HAVE FELINE LEUKEMIA!

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©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. The Dood.

I'm SO GLAD I insisted on running a second test to confirm the first one instead of waiting for a grueling two months to get the news!

Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!


OMG! That is wonderful news! He is such an adorable sweetheart. Thank you for taking such good care of him.

YAY for Doodlebug!! This is such good news!! Y'know, it really worries us about other cats that test positive and the humans sometimes elect to PTS without re-testing because they don't know any better. How many of these cats had a false positive?? Oh jeez...we don't even wanna think about it!! We just want to revel in the good news about Doodlebug!!

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to hear that this precious little baby will get a chance of a long and happy life. He's so precious.

Ok, I love him even more now that he's called The Dood.

Congrats buddy!!

So glad that you chose to re-test sooner than later. Kittens 4 months and under frequently throw a false positive. Fingers crossed that the test in 2 months confirms he is as healthy & happy as he looks. Sheer preciousness.

Wonderful news! I have heard some rescues have been getting a lot of false positives on the SNAP test..when they test with the IFA test, it comes back negative. Of course, it is best to continue to test every 2-4 weeks with the SNAP test and again with the IFA test.
I agree with Island is sad to think of how many cats lose their lives because of a false positive.

Happy News!

My Jenny originally tested + for Fe-LV but all her siblings were negative, they all went up for adoption with humane society (were fosters). Retested her in 2 months and was negative. We had brought her into the family rather than keep her separate. The 2nd test was negative which was great cause we were in love and was staying with us.

Yay Doodles!

I prayed for the little Dood. Guess the Big Dude Upstairs was listening.

This makes my day. Hoping Maria's news about her Drody is every bit as good. (Obviously Drody's sick, but I hope it's something easy to cure)

that is wonderful news. purrs to you.

xoxox OldCatsRule

Congratulations! Celebrate because it is wonderful news!


The joyful kind.

For reals.

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