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The Discarded Cats Diary. From Trash to Treasured.

Biscotti, our former foster has a new job title now that he's adopted. He also has a new name. Qubit. Q lives with Amanda, who is a very cool science writer. Since his adoption, Amanda has let me know how well Q has done since his arrival. After an evening of uncertainly, Q cautiously explored his new home. There were no other kitties to scare him and Amanda and her boyfriend were there to let him know everything was going to be okay.

Biscotti on the bed.jpg
©2014 Amanda Gefter.

Qubit responded quickly. Instead of being fearful, our little lion continued to explore. He slept on the bed with his mom right away. He sits in her office as she works on her next book. She gave me a synopsis and it sounds REALLY FASCINATING. I can't wait to read it.

©2014 Amanda Gefter.

Now that Amanda has a proper Muse I suspect this next book will be her best yet. I also believe that this is the best home for our sweet tux based on the reports I'm getting. Q adores Amanda and the love is mutual. It was from the moment they met. I could tell it was going to be a match by how he responded to her and how gentle she was while interacting with him. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at him.

Helping write copy.jpg
©2014 Amanda Gefter.

In the scratcher copy.jpg
©2014 Amanda Gefter.

Amanda's loving care is helping Q continue his journey to grow and gain confidence in the world around him. Q is no longer a tiny kitten thrown away in the trash. He's no longer scared of people or what's around the next corner. I wonder what the person who heartlessly threw him away last summer would ever guess their “trash” was such a treasure.

on moms bed.jpg
©2014 Amanda Gefter.

reaching up for mom.jpg
©2014 Amanda Gefter.

This is the best part of doing rescue-seeing my former foster thrive in his forever home.

©2014 Amanda Gefter.

Science Kitty.jpg
©2014 Amanda Gefter.

I'm so very happy for both “Biscotti” and his mama. May you both enjoy a very happy, long life together.


If you want to check out Amanad's book, “Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn”, visit her web site!


Lookin' GOOD, Q! 

He reminds me a lot, looks-wise, of our youngest, who's 9 and was found wandering under an ancient juniper as a single, but very fierce, kitten on our former land.  Treasures both!  May Q have a long, happy, healthy, LOVED life with his family.  As ever, huge props to you for growing an excellent kitten. 

Gorgeous tuxedo boy he is, so glad to hear that he's found his perfect cat mummy! 

so happy for biscotti/qubit and amanda. sounds like the perfect fit for them both. have a good life sweetie

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