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The Discarded Cats Diary. Ch 2

Mama and family copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. Mochachino with her kittens after rescue.

What makes up a family? Is it simply based on who a mother is…who the father is or is there more to it than that? Over the years I've come to think that family is what you make of it. I don't have parents any more and I'm pretty much on my own when it comes to blood ties. I have a small circle of close friends who I consider to be my self-made family and I don't see any difference in how much I care for them than I did my blood relatives.

Three little kittens .jpg
©2013 Maria S. Meet our new kittens, Linzer, Pizzelle & Nanaimo.

Perhaps that's what happened to Biscotti? After being literally thrown away in a hot metal dumpster like a piece of trash, Biscotti found himself alone in the world. If Betsy hadn't rescued him and I hadn't offered to help him, he would have perished. Because he's so young, Biscotti desperately needed a family to accept him if he was going to have a chance to thrive. Alone, he might live, but he'd never do as well as he would with a family to call his own.

Pizzelle Forelorn copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. Little Pizzelle.

Maria had a few days to observe our new mama, Mochachino and her kittens, Linzer, Pizzelle and Nanaiamo before Biscotti joined them. They were eating well, using the litter pan, grooming themselves, playing-doing everything a normal, healthy cat would do. Mocha is friendly and so are the kittens. Hopefully the fact that they don't have to compete for food and have a safe place to live in means they will be more accepting of a newcomer.

This is a stick up copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. Biscotti, with the burns on his nose starting to heal.

Maria and I talked about how to introduce Biscotti to the mix. We knew that scent would play an important role so Maria rubbed Mocha and her kittens with a soft cloth, then rubbed it onto Biscotti, then vice versa. Knowing that Mocha could reject and possibly hurt Biscotti, Maria was very careful with putting him too close to her to start. She put Biscotti near the kittens, hoping their scent would rub off on him. Macha gave a warning hiss, but didn't growl.

Linzer and Nanaimo copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. This is about as close to twins as I've ever seen. Meet Linzer and Nanaimo (Nah-NYE-mo)


Biscotti, oblivious to the potential danger, began to play with his new brothers and sister as if he had been born with them. He sniffed around his new mom. She hissed again, then laid back down. Biscotti, starved for the comfort of his mother, went to Mocha, sniffed at her belly and helped himself to a nipple. She looked at him momentarily, then went back to her nap.


I gottamama copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. I gotta mama!


Biscotti was home, as if it was meant to be.


Maria didn't leave Biscotti alone with his family the next day. She chose one kitten and put her with Biscotti in a cat carrier, along with a litter pan and food and water. They were safe from Mocha, but she could see them and they could see her. Maria went to work and hoped nothing terrible would happen while she was gone. I told her we needed to get another Dropcam so we could watch the family remotely, at least. She agreed we needed to add another channel of our very popular SqueeTV.

Biscottis buds copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. Biscotti and friends.

Maria got home in a panic, but found that everything was fine. She let Biscotti and his sister out of the carrier and no one seemed bothered. Still keeping a close eye on the family we waited through the weekend. Everything was still fine. It seemed Biscotti was going to be all right.

Linzer and Nanaimo Nutty copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. Meanwhile, Linzy and Nanny go back to playing.


I owed it to Maria to let her know if I'd take this family into my cat rescue's Program. Even though I'm scared about taking too much on, I already love this family and couldn't imagine them going anywhere else, so I'm very glad to report that they will be our next rescued family. Welcome to Kitten Associates!



Oh wait…they're already old news. They're not our latest because today I'm picking up two more kittens whose owner is losing his home and has to give up his cats.


Biscotti and Buddy copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. Biscotti with his new brother.

Maybe it's a good thing I don't have a “traditional” family because I have a feeling they'd be giving me a lot of grief about taking on more cats. See? There's a bonus to making your own family. I know my new family will love me for taking on more cats because they're all enablers!

Biscotti getting lunch with sibs copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. Biscotti looks like he was meant to be with this family.

We've rescued seven cats in a week. We need funds to fill their bellies, to get them vetted and all that good stuff. We'd also REALLY like to get another DropcCam + 1 yr service. It costs $149.00 plus $99.00 for the service. I put the dropcam onto our Amazon Wishlist if you want to check it out.

We'd be grateful if you can help with a small donation to our families. If you can't right now, no worries! Share our message socially and that can help us, too. Every dollar counts so don't think donating the price of a good cup of coffee isn't enough. That's fine!

Kitten Associates is a 501©3 Non-profit corporation. Our IRS EIN IS: 27-3597692

Checks can be made out to: Kitten Associates and mailed to P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470-0354. If you have any questions about this fundraiser, just contact me at

Thank you for supporting our lifesaving programs!


Breaking news:

We just got the sad news that Dale, pictured here with Biscotti just a few days ago, passed away yesterday unexpectedly. His family is devastated to lose their 13 year old friend and we are very sad to know a great dog has gone over the rainbow bridge.

Dale RIP copy.jpg
©2013 Maria S. Rest in Peace, sweet Dale. You will be missed. Our deepest sympathies to your family during this heartbreaking time.


Im´so sorry about sweet Dale.


Every time I think I have it bad I get a reality check. 

Trapped in a carrier, with her kittens, no way out, no a mom and a human, I cannot imagine what was going thru Mocha'a mind. 

Then Biscotti. Thrown away!! What? Who does that? Hopefully he will never remember that part of his life.

Money is tight here, child support stopped coming for some reason....

But Mocha and little family and those who have stepped up for them  need support too so I am sending what I can to you.  I also may send some of my hand made cat toys for any/all/some of your kitties. 

Bless you for what you and your network of friends do.  I appreciate what you do and the sacrifices you make.

Anne in FL

'scotti seems to be healing very quickly!  

Since getting into rescue several years ago, I've pretty much seen it all and it's oh so sad what humans do to animals. When I volunteered at the local Petco with another rescue group, the poor cats we had dumped there... two day old kittens in a box, two cats left in the bathroom, a cat put in a carrier on a shelf, a kitten wrapped in a blanket on a hot summer day, cats in boxes or carriers left outside, THREE cats crammed into a flat airline carrier designed for one, four kittens thrown from a car window in a box in the parking lot, the list goes on and on... The worst for me was a mama cat and her five one week old babies, taped up in a box. There was a note asking us to take care of them and find them homes. The rescue head had a foster all lined up for them - until mama tested positive for leukemia. A strong positive - the result came up before the control came up. Shit. She was prepared to put them all down, but I said let me try and find a sanctuary to take them. Nothing was available and they were confined in a cage in the basement of that Petco. They were covered in fleas and the basement room was awful. A good friend of mine had fostered Felv+ cats before and was willing to take them until we could find a place for them. They were thriving and mama was such a loving, sweet cat and wonderful mama - until she became violently ill. We were able to pull her through the first time, but the second time it was worse and we lost her. The kittens were old enough to be on their own and we finally found a rescue to take them. Two have since died, but the remaining three are over a year old now. Don't know how long they'll last, but the woman who has them has several Felv+ cats that are a fair number of years old, so, we'll see... Fingers crossed and prayers said.

Wishing I could emulate Anne in FL, with whom I agree 100%; sadly, the finances will not stretch.  But I hope and pray others who are more fortunate will help in this very worthy endeavor.  My thoughts on family are the same as yours, and my circumstances mirror yours in that way; having been raised "with cat", cats have always been beloved family members, and always will be.  Anyone who cares about/for cats is a friend of mine.  That means a LOT of friends and a neverending supply of inspiration, hope, and labors of love ;)

I'm so happy that Biscotti was accepted with a Mama and siblings. Now there will be no more lonliness for this little baby who surely didn't deserve what happen to this little furbaby. And to think some unhuman person would leave a Mother cat with three little ones caged up in a carrier is so sad. Thank you so much for taking these furballs in and giving them a chance in life and prayers they will find a great furever home one day. Bless all furballs and you CICH! You are the greatest! Happy tails and loving purrs forever. :)

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