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Dear Freya

Dear Freya,

What a day it’s been. I was glad I had a chance to visit with you this morning before the Vets began taking x-rays, a CT scan and lots more tests to find out what makes your body different than that of most 4-week old kittens. We can tell some things from looking at you. Your tail is missing, you walk with an odd gait. We know you only eliminate from one opening, but we don’t know how far into your body those routes go. We have lots of hope that maybe your insides aren’t as bad as we fear and that the Vets can help save your life.

Like everyone who as met you and even those folks who have seen your videos and photos, you are adored. You went from being a tossed-away kitten then found a loving home, but one that wasn’t quite ready to be able to shoulder the financial responsibilities of the complex care you require. Though they only had you for two days, they were still selfless by being willing to find you help when it also meant they had to give you up to do so. They didn’t know you needed so much when they offered you a home. They knew they could provide for you and your brother, but provide things most new adopters would provide-like reasonable vet care, good food and lots of love. If they had known that you were suffering from serious birth defects I know they probably would have found you help but known they couldn’t have done more than that.

These kind people did their part in giving you a chance to live and those good intentions did not end with these people. This is what amazes me about you, Freya. There’s something magical about you. There’s a serenity, a sweetness and a purity about you that is irresistible. It was easy for not one, but two rescue groups to jump in to help you take the next steps to wellness. My own non-profit, Kitten Associates (KA) and our dear friends at Animals in Distress (AID) jumped in to help even though they are grieving over the recent loss of their darling 16-yr old kitty named Angel. We have joined forces to help you. KA raised money, AID has promised to find you a home and help provide for your financial support, too. Together we can do more for you than just one group, alone.

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©2014 Robin A.F. Olson.


People wanting to help you seems to be a theme for your short life because as the news comes out, and it’s quite bad, another group joined forces, fearlessly, to do something I’ve never seen happen before-all because of you.


You see, Freya, I am sad to tell you that the tests results gave us a bleak outcome for your future. Your spine is slightly deformed, the combined urethra and rectum go well into your body. There is a fear that somewhere in your belly is a slow leak of fluids, too. At first the surgeon felt that maybe it was for the best that we let you go. Your chance of surviving was maybe only 10%.

That’s when the tears began, Freya, because in our short time together I already fell in love with you and I was so very sad that you would never grow up and continue to spread joy as you have done for so many people already, but…

Ah, this time I love writing the word “but”…but Dr. Deb Weisman who is an amazing surgeon and who is the co-founder of Newtown Veterinary Specialists, was told about your case because the surgeons and staff are so very fond of you that it was hurting their hearts to think they would have to help you pass away. When I found out what their plan was I almost fainted.

Dr. Weisman said that she wants you to take a few days off to rest and grow a bit stronger. You need someplace to stay, so I asked if you could stay with me. I think that’s where you’re going to go and if so I promise to find a way to give you the best weekend I can. I will stop working and just spend time with you. If someone else fosters you for a few days I know they’ll love you just as much. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that on Tuesday Dr. Weisman will begin exploratory surgery and begin repairing as much of you that needs fixing as possible and she will not be doing this alone.


ALL the Surgeons, the Vet Techs, the Interns…everyone is going to be helping with your surgery. You case is rare and complex. The staff can not only pitch in to make sure your surgery has the best outcome, but they can learn about how to help other kittens who have birth defects like yours. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to basically rent a Vet hospital and staff for an afternoon, but thankfully, I do not have to. Dr. Weisman is focusing on YOU, not making a buck, but you. Everything else will be sorted out. Yes, there will need to be some funds paid, but because of your story and the love they all have for you they want to give you this one, big, amazing, generous, compassionate gift. The rest will be up to you.


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©2014 Robin A.F. Olson.

It’s been a very emotional day, Freya. Even though I know that there is a great chance these are the last days of your life, I know that you will have had the best chance to live a life at all thanks to a great number of people working together on your behalf. It is an amazing thing to behold.

I am so proud to be a small part of your story and really proud of how everyone is focusing on to trying to save your life. I truly hope your story will have many more chapters yet to come.

Love, Robin

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A beautiful letter to a beautiful kitten. 

I hope Freya's surgery goes well and the vet team is able to give her a chance at living a long life. If that's not in her future, I hope the days she has are filled with comfort and love.  If willpower alone were enough to help this little girl, she'd be the healthiest kitten in the world. So many people are pulling for her. 

*Heartfelt PRAYERS* for tiny baby Freya, whose story I am continuing to share, with special message, on social networking. What a little treasure! <3

Freya is one loved kitten!  However long her life, she will have had the best one that could be provided for her.  All cats--all animals, period, should have humans who care about their well-being as much as you and the vet team care about giving Freya a chance.  The world would be a much better place.

Freya's eyes are so striking against her white fur, and the tabby splotch above her right eye is adorable and striking.

What a heartwarming letter.  Freya couldn't be luckier to have such a special person like you care for her. We wish was best for her future in this surgery. Thank you for sharing her story.

Freya's story touches me deeply, as I have been lucky to have been Mum to a few special needs babies of my own, including my Ms. Phoebe who went to the Bridge 8 months ago. At a young age she was diagnosed with a devastating disease and not given a long prognosis of life. She knew differently and our wonderful vet was willing to do everything to help her live the best one she could, for the longest. 

We had years of ups and downs but when Phoebe lost her battle this past January, she was 13 1/2 years old- she had lived twice as long as everyone said she would. I know this surgery is no guarantee, but I wish and pray it will be your miracle Freya, and you will beat the odds like my Phoebe. I am a better person because of her, just as no matter what the outcome the world will be a better place because of you having been in it. You are magical, you are a gift to us all to spread the word about special needs animals and the worth, purpose they bring to us. 

Healing purrs to you baby girl, paws will be united to bring you luck come Tuesday. 

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