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Dear Clare

Dear Clare,

Thank you for the homemade cat mats. I know I'm supposed to give them to the foster cats-and I will, but I had to “test drive” one on my cats first.

The Mat Arrives.jpg

Dear Clare,

What did you put in the cat mat? Spencer's sense of smell is poor. Normally he isn't interested in catnip. Is there something you want to tell me? Spencer is bunny-kicking the shit out of this mat. His eyes are glazed over. What is going on?


Bunny Kick It.jpg

Dear Clare,

My cats won't share. They want their own mat. If they don't get one, they'll spat.

Mine mine mine.jpg

Dear Clare,

There is more square feet of cat, than there is square foot of cat mat. Can you make me a bedspread sized one?

spencer and nick fight.jpg

fight again copy.jpg

Dear Clare,

Do you know if there's a catnip rehab facility in Connecticut? I'm thinking Bob might need to go there. He looks like he's had a bit too much and Nicky can't stop rolling around and yeowling incoherently. I'm afraid the neighbors are going to call the cops.

Cat Mat Fun 2.jpg

Man this is good stuff.jpg

Dear Clare,

Nora would like to know if you can rub her belly to maximize her user experience (since she can no longer reach her own belly).

Nora takes over.jpg

Dear Clare,

Nicky also asked if you could rub something, but I had to edit out what he said. I blame the drugs for his ungentlemanly, he had a surgery a few years ago and that sort of limited his options in that department, anyway.


Dear Clare & All My Dear CiCH Readers,

It's friends like you that are like a big mat of catnip for me. I can wrap myself up in your comforting words and breathe deep, feeling suddenly quite invigorated and alive when only moments before I was too busy licking my wounds to do much else.

With Love,



What wonderful photos! Seriously though, what IS in that cat mat? I am thinking that we need a few in our house for Sal, Kermit and Sylvester. I have never seen cats agree that one item was the best like your cats have done here. I don't dare let the boys see these pictures or they'll be hounding me for mats of their own! LOL!

That whole post made me smile - so funny!

Please can you divulge the secret contents? I WANT TO MAKE ONE TOO! Catnip toys are great, but a whole mat .... whew, awesome!

LOTS of hugs, Robin x

PS Whoops, I meant lots of hugs *to* you, Robin - didn't mean to sign it from you, lmao! P x

Roll, roll, roll in the hay!

but one that will make me feel like that?

Holy freaking roflmao - those pictures are hilarious.

Oh wow! Claire should sell those online...I'd buy one for my kitty!

This is her current favorite toy:

Rayne is a bunnykicking fiend!

To raise money for cat rescue. I really love the two fabric combinations. I should get a close up photo of the cat cafe fabric!

That Kong Kickeroo is hysterical!

She does? Where?

*EDIT oops I read that wrong. When she does start selling them let me know!!

Ok you have to find out where she bought that cat nip - what is it called!!!! I can sew but can't find a good catnip!


I HAVE to make this for Quincy Beast! Basically a mini quilt with cat nip, huh? He'll flip his shit.

Dear Claire... you know the rest and you know where to drop them off as you and your darling daughters played with the Berries when I was fostering them:)

As my own cats are crazy for Kickaroo I wanted to let Zoe know that you can get them cheaper at Jeffers Pet. I've bought several items from there.

We can't live without our Kickaroos but I think we could handle a few cat mats:)

Robin, glad you are feeling better today.


Awesome thanks for the tip ^_^

those pics are hilarious!! the craaaaazy eyes!

Great photos and "Dear Clare" letters... made me laugh and laugh!

Glad you're feeling a bit better. We are all thinking of you, Robin. Hope life picks up and Spring brings you new light and hope too.

It's great to see the kits doing so well, by the way. That's all your doing - you have taken such good care of them.

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