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Crushed Foot Kitty finds a Rescue with Kitten Associates

Not quite a kitten, but not big enough to be a full grown cat, a friendly Norewegian Forest cat mix was dumped off at Henry County Care & Control in McDonough, Georgia. Like most cats he was placed in a small steel cage to await his fate, but what was different about him was this cat was injured and unable to put weight on his right front leg.

Any cat lover would want to grab that kitten out of the cage and rush him off to the Vet, but without funds to do so, cats in shelters don't always get the help they need. It's not because the staff is evil or because they don't care, it's because of stupid things like money that force their hand. If they help this one, what about the two other badly injured cats with gaping wounds in their necks who just got brought in, too?

AC 9.26.12 001.jpg
©2012 Betsy Merchant. Poor little fella.

This year I had to turn away from helping cats from Henry County because there were so many others that needed our attention who literally fell out of trees (like Willow). After a long year of helping more abandoned cats than I have ever seen, more stray, homeless, starving, knocked up cats, Maria (our super foster mom in GA) and I decided we both needed to plan to take a break. Neither of us had had more than a week free from fostering for almost three years.

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©2012 Betsy Merchant.

It's just plain crazy to push yourself in a field where there is so much misery and heartache. I want to always love my foster cats and have the stamina and compassion to keep helping them. For my own sanity and out of respect to my own cats, after the 13 cats in my program get to their forever homes, I'm done for a few months.

AC 9.26.12 007.jpg
©2012 Betsy Merchant. Do you love those wispy ear tufts or what?

I've already had to say no to many requests for help. I hate it, but I have to do this. Of course, last night I got a text from Maria asking me if I'd heard about this “crushed foot” cat at Henry Co. I had seen the plea a few days before, felt bad about it, then closed the email. I hoped someone would help him, but it'd been a week and no one came forward.

We believe the cat is 6-9 months old and his right paw is twisted out at an odd angle. It's not quite fused in place, but there is a deformity. His paw is warm so there is blood flow. Our intrepid volunteer/driver, Bobby felt the paw and the kitten didn't wince, nor did he feel any broken toes.

AC 9.26.12 005.jpg
©2012 Betsy Merchant. This kitten mostly lays down in his cage. Getting him to stand up is not often easy.

I asked Maria if she wanted to take on another foster and she didn't hesitate to say yes. I contacted Bobby and Henry County and by 2 AM everything was sorted out.

Bobby arrived at Henry County 90 minutes ago and picked up the kitty, who has been purring non-stop since he got out of the cage.

We're going to take on whatever ails this little guy. He may need his leg removed or hopefully surgery can save it somehow. Yes, we'll need to start a ChipIn, but I'm even tired of asking for money. We'll wait to see what the Vet says and take it from there.

Bongo from Bobby.jpg
©2012 Bobby Stanford. Meet Bongo, our latest rescue!

The cat is at our Vet's office right now being examined. I'm praying his snap test is negative/negative. I'm more worried about that than I'm worried about his leg.

We'll get him his vaccinations and they'll do x-rays. If he needs pain meds, he'll get them. I look at it this way-it's just one cat, right?

Just one more cat to find a home for. One cat to fuss over and worry about until he's feeling well again. Just one more to love (and honestly, just looking at his crazy ear tufts was enough to put me over the edge).

This is Bongo, our latest rescue. Welcome aboard. The story of your rescue starts now.


"The line" is always above how many we can lovingly and responsibly care for and provide a good environment for; and we are the front lines, so we must keep ourselves healthy emotionally, mentally and physically, because we can't help anyone if we're sick or worse.  Props to you for having your priorities straight and sticking to them all the way.


it really does suck that there is always just one more.. 

Sounds like he found the right people to help him out! Glad it worked out for both you and him! Just a question, by calling him a Norweigan Forest cat mix, one might assume that one of his parents was a pedigreed NFC, or maybe even grandparents. If his parentage isn't known, isn't it more accurate to call him a NFC 'look-alike' or more accurately a  Brown Mackeral Tabby and White Domestic Longhair?

I can only speak for myself, but I have a feeling many of us who can't be with you in person enjoy being with you in spirit and in wallet.  :)

- Dee

I don't know how you do it, but great job once again! You deserve a break! I'll keep an eye out and send something. Good job to you all!

Bless you for taking on Bongo - he's so adorable (my weegie is the best cat I have ever, ever owned

Oooo, Baby boy, you just got very lucky!  You have found a way station on the way to your forever home where you will be very very, well taken care of.   Rest , heal, make friends and take in the loving.  

Robin, listen to your inner voice. You will know when you cant take more for the moment.  And you will know when you can.  You will do right by this little guy, I know it.  (yeah, the ear floofies would have done me in too ;)

I'm saying prayers for Bongos leg and general health.  Blessings to you both.

Anne in FL

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