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CritterZone Winner Announced!

It was VERY TOUGH to choose a single winner for our CritterZone giveaway so I asked the folks at CZ if they'd be able to ramp up our awards to include 5 Honorable Mentions. They obliged and we've emailed those folks a top secret code to save $39 off their CritterZone instead of $10.

Save $10 copy.jpg

Our Winner is Sharon Lee who does cat rescue and has a rather unique issue. Here's her entry:

You are singing my song Robin! I too am the main foster for our rescue and I have devoted two large rooms in my home to the fosters. (Much to the dismay of my family that loves the fosters and despises the odors). Many of our kittens are anonymously and mysteriously left at my doorstep. (Who else do we know that literally gets their kittens delivered??) these are the typical baby barn kittens, complete with infections and more parasites than I can pronounce. These special little babies also come to us fully soaked in "Eau de Manure" too! It gives a whole new meaning to the question, "Were you born in a barn?". We can safely say Yes!! Even after a bath and days of litter box training (oh yeah) they still bring the smells of being down on the farm to the great indoors. After many attempts to locate the culprits (none of my neighbors will fess up so I could stop the trek) and since the mother cats don't seem to be rushing to my place desperately trying to recover their missing kits, we face a unique and added essence to the already natural odors these babies bring of their own accord. It would be a blessing to my family to have our very own Critter Zone. So, if you are re-homing one? Come on down my road and leave it on my front porch. Anonymously, of course.

I asked Sharon to send us a few photos of her "stinky" kittens. Here are two litters from last year AFTER they had a nice warm bath.

Stinkers2 400.jpg
©2014 Sharon Lee. Used with permission.

Keep up the good work helping save lives, Sharon, and I hope your home smells more like a palace, than a barn from now on!

Stinkers 400.jpg
©2014 Sharon Lee. Used with permission.



I couldn't be happier to see that Sharon won the CritterZone!!  I have know Sharon for several years and my husband and I adopted a cat from a hoarding situation from her!  She is a blessing to animals!!!!

I am so happy to see that Sharon won the prize!!!!  She is a blessing to the cat's in her rescue

Congratulations to Sharon!!!

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