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Covered in Christmas Wishes

Cupid and the kittens have the URI, as I feared. Donner and Mama have the worst of it. They're each on 5-6 meds, twice a day. Shoot me!

mama and blitz.jpg
Cupid and Blitzen, not too happy to be confined, yet again.

Donner (I know it should be DonDer, but too late for spelling boo-boos), is not doing well. She hasn't been eating for a few days and has to be force fed right now.


Dancer behaved herself for her claw trim. She's doing pretty well overall, but did have a fever.

Blitzen is beautiful No matter what angle or lighting!

This morning, Super-Deb the Vet Tech and dear friend, emailed me to ask me if it would help me if she volunteered to continue caring for Cupid and Rudy until Saturday! Sure, it's just two more days, but with Mama and the kittens flaring up with URI, the less cats I have here, the better. I was truly overjoyed and grateful for her help. THANK YOU, SUPER DEB! I'm SO GLAD I BOUGHT YOU A BOTTLE OF WINE LAST NIGHT! You'll love Pure Evil Chardonnay from South Australia. Well reviewed. Should be a keeper!

Also either I kissed or got kissed by Dr. Larry! Delirium set in so I fogged out the important, who started it all and it was just a kiss on the cheek, but heck, after what...10 years? I got a kiss! He liked his wine, too. I think he chose 3 Blind Moose Merlot. Not sure. I also got some Bitch Bubbly which went over well with some of the staff. Thank you guys, for helping me when times got tough.

Also, thank you to Jennifer for offering to take Rudy & Comet this weekend!!! Now that they are "safe" to go into foster care with other families, Jennifer kindly stepped up to help out even though she has her hands full with her own cats and their health problems. Having the little tuxes out of here will really help me focus on Cupid and the babies.

2009 Xmas copy.jpg

Sadly, I did not have time to do my special custom Christmas Card, though I think the crappy image above covers how I feel. YES, those are REAL hairballs on the tree and YES, I am leaving them there as the new vogue in holiday ornaments! Yes, I'm a trend-setter AND a cat rescuer on the verge of a nervous breakdown!

Merry Christmas, everyone. May our New Year be filled with Joy and Healthy Cats!


I can see why overwhelmed shelters aren't able to give this much care, but I am glad you are doing it for this set. Admiration goes to you and to the network of helpers.

Sends Christmas wishes for health and happiness to everyone. And for those who need them a few zen hugs. And Myst sends a purr, snuggle and a nose whap.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Bob & Myst

Warm holiday wishes for good health and happiness!

Oh, how come YOUR hairballs look nice and fluffy and dry and MINE look... well I won't go into that but you think your cats could teach mine how to do it right?

...I scraped one off the floor in the basement. It must have been there quite awhile. The other was small so it dried fast. I have another HUGE one that was wet. It's drying on the tree as we speak.




thought of you when I came home to hairball fest '09! Quincy RARELY pukes, if maybe once or twice a year. And tonight was it! LORDY!.

But, it all just made me SMILE, and think of you.

So there.



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