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Come Hurricane, Earthquake, Dead Car & Dying Cat...

I'm screwed.

I could end the post right there, but I have to write this down. I don't expect anyone to believe me, but believe me, this is the truth.

Have you ever felt like you were getting a “cosmic” signal NOT to do something? Not to go somewhere?

Here it is---Tuesday. Sam and I are supposed to leave here on THURSDAY to travel to Vienna, VA to attend BlogPaws 2011. Sam and I are Speakers this year and it's vital for us to do networking while we're there, as well. We need to find sponsors for our Kitten Associates web site program, so we can get the funding to build free web sites for animal rescue groups in need. So it's important to be at this event.

©2011 Maria. S. Amberly's kittens take a nappy.

Maria, my fantastic Foster mom and Bobby, my fantastic helper-driver-cat-taker-to-the Vet are driving Amberly and her five kittens (remember them? You can see pix of them HERE) 10 hours north to Vienna, Virginia so I can bring them home with me on Saturday.


1. Hurricane Irene. That beeyatch is going to slither up the coast of the USA and beeyatch-slap millions of people. Maria and Bobby are driving up from Georgia on Friday morning-just about the time the storm will hit. Then they have to drive back home on Saturday. The storm will be in the Carolinas by then, so how do they get home? Sam and I have to drive the I-95 corridor to get to VA. It will be severely impacted by the storm. It looks like we may even get HIT in Connecticut, while it's still a Cat 1 or 2 storm. That means, flooded roads, miserable driving, nightmarish traffic. We have to leave EARLY saturday and miss half of BlogPaws so we can get home in time to watch our house blow away. And my darling Nephew Ryan just started college in South Carolina..right on the coast and all I want to do is go get him and bring him home and all he wants to do is attend his first college weekend party.

2. Our Pet sitter and our backup pet sitter got sick. Hopefully they will be able to get here and help out in a few days. We won't know until we are supposed to LEAVE if everyone is ok to help provide care for Bob while we are gone.

eating and being spied onsm.jpg
˙2011 Robin A.F. Olson. As always, Bob is surrounded when he gets fed-just in case he doesn't eat it all the clean up crew lurks nearby.

3. Bob. Bob needs a lot of care. He needs to be syringe fed at least 4 times a day and given insulin shots twice a day. All our other cats need feeding and care. We can just scoot off and leave them with a big bowl of food. I can't play “what happens if Bob dies while we're gone,” but how can I not do that?

4.EARTHQUAKE? Holy crap. There was an earthquake about 80 miles south of Vienna, VA a few hours ago. Hopefully, no one was hurt and no infrastructure was damaged. Do we have to worry about an earthquake happening in a few more days? A worse one? I don't think so, but...with my luck, I wouldn't be surprised.

˙2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Bye bye car. I hope you didn't just die.

5. My car just died. I was driving home. Got on the on ramp on I-84 and all the engine warning lights came on and the car made a funny sound and I could not accelerate any more. I pulled over as far as I could. I smelled something burning, then saw some smoke slip out from under the hood. I started shaking...grabbed the phone and got out of the car. I called 9-1-1 because I was concerned something might ignite and I was scared to death. I was in the blazing sun and 100's of cars were flying past me. I called AAA-thank God for them. They promised less than an hour. I tried to reach Sam. I called once...voice mail..I called again..voice mail..I started to cry.

Sam couldn't get to me. There was construction problems. The cops never showed up. I just sat there thinking that my car repair is probably going to cost me every dime I have left...hopefully not more...hopefully it CAN be repaired.

©2011 Maria S. Truffles has to wear the “cone of shame” for a few days until her infection clears up. I've NEVER had cats get spayed, come back with infections, ever!

6. Amberly's kittens have INFECTIONS from their spay surgery!!!! Are YOU KIDDING ME?!!! REALLY?? They have to be on clavamox for a few days. Not a big deal, unless their fevers don't go down and they get SICKER!!!!!

...and that isn't everything...just add being sick with a stomach virus, being sleep deprived and still suffering from a headache that started last year after I was in a car accident...and on and on...

I'm honestly terrified of what is going to happen next. Should I NOT go on this trip? I was all ready to write about how I was going to go full speed ahead and bravely drive right into the oncoming Hurricane Irene just to get to BlogPaws. Right after I thought that, my car DIED.

Is this a sign, or what?


Okay, deep breaths. It's Tuesday. You're leaving Friday? So, you have the rest of today, Wednesday & Thursday to see how things pan out. And, as a nearly 60 year resident of Florida, hurricanes rarely live up to the hype. Everyone will have a better idea of what is in store with Irene by Thursday. If it turns & hits Florida full on, it'll be dead by the time it moves north. And, it could hit the Gulfstream and move further into the Atlantic & miss the east coast altogether. Hurricane - least of your worries at this point. And by Friday, the earthquake stuff should be resolved. More, no mores shakes - time will tell and there's time.

For me, I'd think Bob was the priority here. Any chance your vet has a terrific tech that might pet sit him in case your regular folks can't? A 3rd backup?

I'm not generally an optimist, but I'm thinking it's Tuesday and Friday is several days away. Time to get stuff lined up. But I can understand the Panic with so many "plates" spinning in the air for you. But even though I've just started following your blog, I have COMPLETE FAITH in your ability to take care of everything. You are a powerful force of womanhood!

Thank you, Connie! I have to leave Thursday around 7am, so I have tomorrow to decide. It will get sorted out and whatever I do I'll be glad of my choice and I'll regret it for some reasons, too...guess we'll just leave it up to fate now and see how things spin out...literally! Best to you, Robin

Since I live in Florida I have been monitoring the hurricane very closely. I want to tell you that the trend is for it to move east away from land out in the Atlantic. Each update has moved it further away from the coast. I just looked at the NHC map to be certain I was giving you the move up to date info and right now (and this will change and I think for the better of everyone) at 12PM Sat it will be off (or near) the NC coast, at 12PM Sun it will be off (or near) VA. I think this will help your timeline. But I really suspect that tomorrow you will see the track move more to the east. When they were first tracking they had the storm coming straight for where I live and I was very concerned, but now we (all of Florida) is out of the cone of uncertainty.

I hope that this in some way will help ease your fear about how it will impact your friends in GA.
It does appear that there will be some impact (at this point, subject to change) to New England.
I hope you are able to make your trip, but I think you will have a very good idea if this storm will impede you before you leave.

I really appreciate your thoughtful comment-esp. after I just read that rude one about me driving a BMW! I have to decide tomorrow if I'm going so I'll look at the NOAA/NHC web site and decide. Thank you again for your help!

You drive a BMW and are throwing a pity party for yourself? Huh?
Get real. I've given you money but am having 2nd thoughts.

My car is ELEVEN YEARS OLD and has 145,000+ miles on it. I bought it USED for $13,000. and I've been doing everything I can to keep it running. You are very unkind to judge me without knowing the facts about my life. I was going to delete your comment because it was so hurtful, but I decided that should you come back to see if I posted it, you would also see the error of your declaration about me and maybe think twice before you spout off on an innocent person.

Seriously??? Whoever said this didn't even have the balls to log in. They hid behind anonymous like a coward!!! My friend had a BMW that looked nice and it was REALLY old. Just because someone takes care of their car on the outside doesn't mean they have money to blow. My Dad's car is 14 years old and it looks nice because it was taken care of!

Robin, the rest of us are rooting for you. You do so much...

I don't usually believe in "signs" but sometimes things are too weird to be a coincidence. Maybe you should "take the hint" and stay home. :-/ Bob might need you close.

Whatever you decide, good luck.


Robin - it seems like the world has gone crazy! Sometimes it's hard to ignore the feeling that the universe is trying to guide you in a different direction. I have to say, I would be feeling the same way that you do!

I lived in South Carolina for three years - the news stations and the weather channel are pretty good at scaring you to death (only to have the storm barely impact the areas that they thought it would!).

I would be most concerned with my babies being taken care of - I wouldn't be able to relax unless I was certain that everyone was being cared for. I'm so sorry to hear about your car. I hope that everything starts to turn around - and if you do make it to Blogpaws, I wish you safe travels!!!

if it was me, I would stay home! But that is just me..

sweet peas: do NOT go--nothing worse than being far from home when the poop hits the fan. The planets are in perfect misalignment... Xoxo L

I´m sending too many purrrrs and prayers to Bob and Amberly´s kittehs!
Sending good vibrations to you!!!

Something, someone is messing with you to keep you from going and spreading your form of education and humor to others. People need to hear your message of love, commitment, dedication and selflessness. It will be OK! (ps- we felt the earthquake here in northern Ohio)

When it rains it pours...that's what our mom says...we don't know what you should do, but we wanna send you purrs and headbutts to help you through all of this.

I wish I lived closer! I'd come take care of the kittehs for you. Including Bob! Wish I could take him off your hands! I have a diabetic as well, 17yo, and regulated. Are you a part of I joined about 2yrs ago when Marco was first dx. Plenty of helpful people there. :o)

If there is anything I can do to help let me know!

I agree with Connie - take a deep breath! The hurricane will turn east away from the coast, the earthquake was harmless, and you probably just lost a belt or hose.

Plus, you're gonna get to see Maria; how great is that? Keep your chin up; it will be fine! :)

Whatever your choice is, it will be the right one. Pulling for you.

Mom said if she were you, she stay home ! for her that's too many signs !
but it's up to you, I paw crossed and purrs to you for all safe

Mom thinks maybe it is a sign that you HAVE to go.....she really believes things are meant to work in a certain way....even if we can't see it now. We will be purrin for you and Bob and everyone else....

(oh and about the spays - she shouldn't have, but it made mom smile.....she has had one foster chew the surgical glue off and end up with stitches and another pop open a spay incision far enough to need a staple and meds for a week - it happens) :)

Chin up Robin....wish we were close enough to help!

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