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Colic in Kittens

Have any of you dealt with colic in itty bitty kittens? I have bottle babies who are about 2 weeks old and one suddenly isn't eating as much and is crying a lot. I'm going to try to help him pass gas after work. He eats a bit at all feeding, but not with as much gusto as he used to. I gave him some sugar water with his noon feeding to bop his blood sugar up. Any tips? Halp, my little guy has a tummy ache!

I have never heard of colic in itty bitty kitties but then I'm not a vet. I would for sure take him right to the vet to get this problem looked at because in such a tiny critter it could easily be life-threatening and losing a kitten is awful and doubly so if it is something that can be remedied. So call your vet now and get that baby in immediately. And if your regular vet is closed, then bite that big expensive bullet and call your after-hours emergency vet.

And please let us know in a post about itty bitty's outcome. We're thinking the best kittymom thoughts for the tiny one.

I hope Anne will see this and answer your question, but I'm fairly sure this kitten did pass away. Thanks for your concern and help!

The little dude didn't make it, unfortunately. I took him to the shelter vet (since he was a foster) shortly after I posted the question. He actually perked up, but died in his sleep that night. No matter what, I'll never get used to dealing with Fading Kitten Syndrome; I am grateful that he died peacefully instead of from an Upper Respiratory Infection - those are hell on the itty-bitties. Thank you for posting, though!

By the way, his 3 surviving litter mates are healthy and happy. They get spayed and neutered in a couple of weeks and then go up for adoption!

Poor know, I had the same problem with a kitty I adopted. She end up dying 3 days later and the vet told she had a virus in her track and that many kittens die this way because they don't have a well develop immune system, specially if they weren't feed by their moms. Lala from hotels in Paris

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