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Brush Your Cat. Save the Gulf!

Get out your brushes, gang, the wildlife of the Gulf Coast region need our help!

Did you know that human hair and pet fur is GREAT at absorbing OIL? There's a non-profit organization, called Matter of Trust. They collect hair from salons, pet hair from shelters, rescues, schools, individuals-anyone who's got HAIR! They create hair filled "booms" using ladies nylon pantyhose, then drop them onto oil spills and the hair does the rest!

hair boom.jpg
Photo by Matter of Trust

What a simple and wonderful way to help with this tragedy in the Gulf!

Here's the info from their web site:

Everyone can take part!
No matter where you are. No matter if you're with a salon or groomer or if you're a volunteer.

First, please SIGN UP to their Excess Access program. It's FREE and FAST.
It is their mass donation matching database system.

They cannot give out addresses for where to send hair, fur and nylons unless you are signed up, because as the spill moves so do the recipient sites and we don't want any boxes returned to you. And they don't want any boxes coming there after the spill.

START BRUSHING, GANG! LET'S SEE SOME PHOTOS OF THE CLIPPINGS BEFORE YOU SEND THEM OUT! Best pile of fur photo will be featured here and on our Facebook fan page!

I want to see at least 100 times better than this:

Furmains on a table.jpg
This is a bit of Nicky, Nora, Bob & Spencer, but I know I can do bigger and better (without the cats going bald!)

Get to it and PLEASE pass this info along to your friends! You can also visit Matter of Trust on FACEBOOK.


Did you sign up? It really gave an address? I mean, it sounds like a good idea... but also a little creapy, no?

That said, I do need to get Pimp and Moo at least one good time with the Furminator...

They have a video. I posted it on my FB page. You can see it there. It's really a great idea and great organization. I did sign up, but didn't hear back yet. They're swamped with offers and I know it will take awhile for them to get back to me. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get a few other folks involved on a bigger scale. We can really help and get our pets looking nice, too!

Yes, break out the furminator for sure! If you want to join forces on this, let me know! Our readers combined would be a much bigger audience!


I'll pass it along!

this is great. i had no idea. i'm sharing this with my entire audience and we are gonna get this group a bunch of cat hair. what a great idea. ..(did i say tthat already?)

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