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Bobette-Three Weeks After Surgery

I have to admit I didn't feel very hopeful about Bobette's future. In fact I had a lot of doubt that she'd end up being able to keep her leg. Although the sutures are gone, there are no more antibiotics to take, and her fur has started to grow back; she walks with a pronounced limp.

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Ho-hum. Bobette doesn't know I'm about to put her in a cat carrier. Hee hee!

I finally got brave enough to touch Bobette's leg. I carefully ran my fingers along the velvety surface where I thought her kneecap should be and I felt a small, sharp object under the skin. I flashed back to the surgery, watching Dr. Mixon digging into her leg. He used some sort of uber-nail-clippers to clip back some of Bobette's bones and I think he said he was making her a new knee cap. Was this what I was feeling, under the surface? Considering her limp, it made sense.

I began to doubt my judgement and curse myself for not spending the $2500.00 to have Bobette's surgery done by an Orthopedic surgeon. What was I thinking trying to save money and hope I could get away with it. Dr. Mixon is a General Practitioner, not a specialist.

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Watch this lady zip around and…oops…rip into my HAND! Hilarity ensues…

Today I brought Bobette in for her re-check. Dr. Mixon asked me how she was doing and I glumly replied; “Well, not so good, her kneecap popped out and she is limping a lot.” Bobette was nervous and I had her under a towel as I updated the Vet. Dr. Mixon uncovered Bobette and looked at her leg, then a curious look crossed his face.

He had me hold her on her side so he could manipulate her leg. I told him about the thing I felt when I checked her leg and he shook his head.

“It's not her kneecap, it's the PIN I put into her leg to hold things in place. Her knee is just fine. In fact it's exactly where it should be.”

Dr. Mixon showed me how Bobette's leg is straight. It flexes normally, instead of being crooked. The knee is in place. As he admired the result, he added; “I'm a better surgeon than I thought!”

I just stood there in awe.


Bobette has function she's probably never had or only had for a short time in her life. She has to learn that she can bear weight on her leg and she needs more time to gain strength in the muscles. All in all, we couldn't have had a better result!


Pondering the future.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Pondering her future.

Dr. Mixon removed the few remaining staples from her incision and I made an appointment for a month from now to have the pin removed from her leg. Until then the game plan is to get her moving more and playing. I'll be taking down the big dog crate that was once her home, throwing away the e-collar she wore for what seemed like an eternity, and getting a few new toys for her to chase.

The next thing we have to work on is to find out why Bobette doesn't seem to like her boys or any other cats, for that matter. After all this-to find out she has to be an only cat, is going to make her adoption very difficult, indeed.


Oh Robin!!!!  This is wonderful!!!!!!  A scratched finger is nothing compared to the new girl!!!!!  I am joyous at her recovery

I bet Bobette was/is keeping the other cats at a distance as a safety factor since she wasn't feeling 100%.  I'm sure she will start to let the others near her again!

Maybe she didn't like other cats because she was in pain and they were a threat - she might not get away fast enough and they might hurt her more. Give her and her boys some rescue remedy or some sort of flower remedy and maybe see if that helps. You did  such a good thing for her, thankyou. And lots of people have solo cats, just believe there is a home out there that she would complete. It will happen.

I've been checking every day for news of Bobette since her surgery and fearing the worst as more time went by and no news. So I'm really happy to read this latest article and see the video of Bobette playing and looking happy. She is such a beautiful cat with an elegant tapered head. She's been through so much and thank goodness she landed up with you. I do hope the future is bright for her and for her boys. Best wishes from the UK

I've become addicted to your blog and I've been checking every day for news of Bobette since her operation and fearing the worst when there was no news so I'm delighted to read how well she is doing and to see the video of her playing and looking happy. Yes she does limp but she can RUN really well! She's a beautiful cat with an elegant tapered head and she has been through so much. I hope the future is bright for Bobette and her boys - thank goodness they found themselves with you and your helpers. Very best wishes to you from the UK

Bobette should be very grateful to you. And we, the readers of the blog, too.


Maybe you could ask Jackson Galaxy?

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