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Last night I had the pleasure of meeting, Kenny. He's an affable lug of a cat, the kind that makes you take notice-especially when you look down-at his paws.

Kenny is a polydactyl (sometimes called Hemmingway) cat. He has the BIGGEST PAWS I've EVER SEEN! This cat's paws are almost as big as my HAND!

What I can't get over is the sad fact that Kenny was given up by his guardian and left to die at a shelter. He was going to be put down for not other reason that space issues AND that Kenny is not a cute kitten.

Kenny paws ROsm.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. LOOK AT THOSE PAWS!

Kenny is about 9 years old. He probably weighs a bit over 20 pounds. From the first second I saw Kenny and he saw me, he rolled over to show me his impressive belly. I was told he was nasty at the shelter most likely due to the fact he was terrified. This cat was sweet, friendly, willing to be held and simply happy to be out of his cage.

Kenny paws b RO.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson.

Kenny needs a home where he'll get the love he craves and the adoration he deserves.

Kenny is SAFE where he is now, but it's not very roomy and he doesn't get a lot of attention. We need to find this special kitty a home!

Kenny portrait RO.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Hi Kenny!

Kenny is located in CONNECTICUT.

If you think Kenny is the one for you, contact ME and I'll put you in touch with Kenny's caretakers.

Please don't contact me if you live more than one state away from CT. I doubt this caretakers would want to transport him too far away.

Contact me at if you'd like to know more about Kenny!


Kenny looks like our Dorcas who is about the same age.  There are so many heartbreaking stories of ppl giving up their kitties.  How can they do that?

I am in love with Kenny's toes(and everything else too)!  Where in Connecticut?  I am in NY on the border of PA.

Oh my gosh - who in the world would put that gorgeous baby down!  I love him just looking at him.  I hope he finds the perfect forever home (and if I wasn't too far away I might try and make it mine, he's outstanding.  I adore big and cuddly)


Even if he had regular feet he would be a beauty! 

I hope he finds a forever home soon.  (((((hugs to Kenny)))))



He sure have BIG paws !

Me and mom sure hope he will find a forever home real soon , there he will get a lot och cuddles and nom nom food :)

Please don't let distance stop you from adopting Kenny or any other beautiful cat you see and want to give a forever home to.  There is a wonderful group of people (all volunteers) who will transport a cat from foster to furrever home anywhere in the U.S.A.  You can find them on facebook - The Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network (URRKN).  If you want to adopt but the cat is not close to home, they can help!  I urge anyone interested to check them out, they are a great group of people.  There is no charge, it's completely volunteer run.

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