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Baby Steps for Leo

Leo survived the first night at Aslan's Cats, though Hilary told us he wasn't interested in eating after the long trip. She got him settled into a large pink cage in the spare bedroom. I thought he should be locked away from other cats since he has a bad upper respiratory infection, but at least they couldn't get to him or vice versa. There were two or three cats in the room sitting on a bed looking up at Leo. Leo wasn't too thrilled to see them, but he was too sick to make a fuss.

In Pink Cage.jpg
©2012 Hilary Harris. Leo's first night.

The next morning, Hilary took Leo to the Vet. They felt he no longer needed to be on an IV and sent him back to Aslan's to recover. There wasn't any news from Hilary the following day and many of us started to worry. In fact a few folks involved in getting the message out about Leo started to flip out and make all sorts of accusations about Hilary and that she was nuts, that cats at Aslan's die (well DUH, they have feline leukemia!) and that it's a terrible place.

I didn't know who these people were or why they were making such declarations after many other people online spoke lovingly about Hilary and how selfless she was, caring for so many terminally ill cats.

At Vet in Catskill.jpg
©2012 Hilary Harris. Leo visits the Vet.

That same morning the news broke that Animalkind, a cat rescue not 20 minutes from Aslan's in Hudson, New York had a fire and the resulting sprinkler damage destroyed the interior of the 4 story building, forcing the shelter workers to evacuate and find temporary homes for 150 cats. I thought that maybe Hilary was with them, offering to help with the cats. I wanted to think the best of her. She seemed very bright and friendly and most of the cats looked to be in good shape at Aslan's, but why weren't we getting updates?

Two days later there was word. Leo was eating on his own and doing a little bit better as each day passed! Leo has a long road ahead of him, but he's survived through what may have been the worst of it. It's far too soon to know if Leo will be strong and well again or if he'll relapse, but one thing's for sure. I'll be staying in touch with Hilary and will go visit him when I travel to Hudson to help out with the rebuiding at Animalkind in a week or so.

THursday may 3.jpg
©2012 Hilary Harris. A bit step-eating on his own!

I wonder where Leo came from, if his family is looking for him or if they dumped him when they moved? I'm grateful he found compassion (and Vet care!) through Gina and her husband. It was enough good to tip the balance of how bad his life had become. It doesn't erase the cruelty for there will be scars and a shortened life from having Feline Leukemia, but now he has found love and a safe place to live. You can count on that.


these are the kind of stories that bring soooo much joy!  thank you for taking the time to post, the time to share and compassion to care!  felv positive doesn't mean a death sentence!

Robin, When I first saw leo pix, I wanted to cry. Even after doing rescues for so many years, this is a picture that will be so difficult to forget. I'm very glad that he is being cared for and that he remains so loving after going through so much. My good wishes and strength to leo. May he recover soon and find a great forever home. 

Amazing blessing for Leo! To wander into a couple that not only were willing to help such an animal, but also spent a large sum of money to try to save a cat not their own! In my opinion, the condition the cat was in would scare most people from going near the animal. I rescued a starving feral kitten that was worm and flea infested, and malnourished.  She was an extremely thin stiff leg little tigress, and I thought I was bringing her to the vet to be put out of her misery.  Well after a few tests and a vet bill, The Doctor told me she may be ok bring her back in two weeks. It's almost two years now and "Lizzy" is slightly over weight and now a happy calm cat.  No more biting, scratching, or running from humans.

Bravo to Gina and her husband for having compassion on this cat, and thank God that this couple had the funding to spend.  What a story!

                                                     Thanks Rick

I am so glad Leo is now in good hands and getting the attention he deserves! Paw hugs and purrs for Leo!!

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