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Another One Lost to Us Forever

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Rest in peace, sweet angel.

Jill had a seizure today. Was it due to her poor body condition? She was skin and bones, after all. She was abandoned by her owner when she moved away. The woman's roomate gave her up to Henry County-just passing off what she considered a inconvenience...a the County.

Since Jill was emaciated, it's very likely no one even bothered to feed her for a long time, or fed her food that wasn't appropriate for a cat. Perhaps Jill had an underlying problem that was amplified by lack of nutrition or perhaps Jill was a senior cat. We will never know the cause. We will never know more than she did not recover after her seizure. Since there is no Vet on staff, nor money to get her to a Vet, she was euthanized.

Could she have been saved? I don't honestly know. I know that even in her last day, Betsy remarked that she LOVED this girl and that this pretty tux was very loving right back to her. Is it some comfort to us to know this? I'm not even sure it is.

Anyone who reads this blog, probably loves cats dearly and we would easily agree that this cat, like so many others, is not trash to be tossed to the curb and left to slowly die. She knew love from Betsy and the other volunteers at the Shelter, but their hands are often tied. There is little they can do. They have no money for flea treatments, and barely any for food or litter, how can they afford Vet care that we take for granted?

I'm so sorry to tell you all this sad news after we just enjoyed a happy ending for KoKo-now Sophie, but we all know that this is the fate more often than not, of most cats who are taken to municipal shelters.

...and until we can find a solution, there will be more sad stories to come.


I'm very sorry to hear this. I feel awful. Since I had an epileptic dog (who has been gone for 9 years now, lived to be 12, a collie) seizures also are something I can deal with. I'm sure my Mama Kitty met her at the Bridge. I have a soft spot for tuxedos. She sure looked like Mama Kitty. Wish we could save them all.

Carol went into the ER today. Swollen feet, which means fluid, which means lasix. Shades of my late mom, only she had congestive heart failure, not cancer, and had senile dementia. She will not be home here for another two weeks because of various appointments and is better off staying with her friend who is a nurse. It's just me, my dog, and the cats.

Back on the epilepsy/seizure thing, I still stay on the canine epilepsy lists I was on when my Rosie was alive. Seizing usually can be dealt with and usually does not result in death, which is small comfort, I know. But then, sometimes it means there is an underlying condition. Sigh. Rosie's condition came on later in life and was controlled with diet and thyroid meds. That cost me less than $100/year for two collies. Way less.

Thank you, Marian. I'm very sad to hear about Carol's struggles. I hope she will bounce back and feel good very soon.

How is mama-calico doing? Her kids are a blessing. They are adorable and lovely in every way. I hope to find them a home together, soon.

I was told that Jill's seizure was severe. She basically fell over, stiff, dilated pupils, but had a strong heartbeat. I think being emaciated probably through off her potassium levels to the point she could not recover or like you said, had an underlying problem. Whatever happened, she is gone and I am sick about it. I cried a lot for her. I bet she was a great cat once upon a time.

Tansy is doing great. She can be a little aloof at times but is active, comes to sit on my lap at times and at others is with the other kitties. She is fine with Katie, my collie. She's a bit rude about food, LOL, but that will correct over time. I just put her down and she eventually gets it. Like the other cats are so well behaved. Or Katie, for that matter.

Carol is in fight mode, but obviously she has a very difficult cancer to treat. I have learned, having gone through this with friends before, that it is not always the cancer that is the enemy, it's the conditions that come along with it. She will be home here in two weeks, give or take. We won't know what is up with the lung until right before then. She has ovarian cancer but fluid on her right lung and was to have had surgery for that. Given that there is a spread in that area, it's hard to say what the thoracic surgeon will want to do. There are so many treatments out there but as to which one will work, it may be just a shot in the dark.

Jill, we all fell in love with you here although you never got to feel our loving touches. Now that you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge I believe that all that you cruelly done to you is forgotten and you are playing like a kitten again with many others who also are now healthy and happy again.

Just know Jilly that one of these days we will be joining you and you will have so many hugs and kisses you will be overwhelmed from all of us who did not get the chance before you left. I wish I could have held your paw and kissed you as you headed for your journey to feel better. You see Jilly, not all humans are mean, many of us have love inside our hearts for every furbaby like you that we meet.

I believe that when you have to leave as you did it is because you needed extra help that only God can give. After all, he is the one who made you and will not stand by and watch his babies suffer alone for any longer than necessary. Somehow you slipped his view for a time but I know he has made it up to you and you are now in good hands.

Jilly, there are people down here too that have been forgotten and mistreated. I like to think that one of them will arrive and perhaps you will feel love in your heart for them and adopt them as your own. They say that everyone has someone just for them. In the meantime, remember that there are many of us here who fell in love with you and love you still and cry for you. YOU did nothing wrong little one YOU are INNOCENT which is why God took you over the Rainbow Bridge to be one of his Angels.


I lit my St.Francis candle for her when I read this and prayed that my past babies met her and are showing her the wonders that she will now see. Never again in pain of feeling abandoned, Never hungry or thirsty, and always has afriend to snuggle with If there is no human to greet her in heaven I'm sure my father will give her a warm lap and a scratch on the chin whenever she needs it he always wanted to rescue everyone even when her couldn't afford it.

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