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Another Fluffy Star is in the Heavens

Two years ago we rescued a kitty in Georgia we named King Arthur. I wanted him to have a regal name because he lived in squalid conditions with a deformity that robbed him of his back paws. He deserved a life of adoration and loving care after what he'd suffered and I was determined to find that for him.

Capn Jack Crying copy
©2012 Bobby Stanford. Our super-amazing cat transporter and friend, Bobby told us about King and the rest was history. (You can read King's story HERE.)

When a lady named Judith read my blog post about King, she decided to offer him a forever home with her and her two cats. She didn't care that she couldn't meet him before she adopted him. She knew she would make it work. She lives far from Georgia in New Hampshire, but her love was not deterred by distance.

Over the years King has had a number of serious health issues that almost took his life, but with Judy on his side, he had nothing to fear. Judy is one of those special people who not only provides a loving home, but makes certain her cats always get the best care and appropriate food, too.

©2014 Judy. A very happy and well-loved, King.

You see Judy's had experience with cats who needed help. In fact they were her first two cats, Sassy and Yasmin who share Judy's home with King. While most first time cat parents opt to adopt kittens or easy-to-love cats, Judy chose adult cats that had been victims of a hoarder who faced serious health and behavioral issues.

Yasmin was so badly covered in fleas that she had to be quarantined for three months while she recovered from multiple issues beyond what the fleas did to her. When she was discovered, Yasmin had been protecting another cat in the home named Sassy. Sassy was terrified of everyone and Yasmin was her only friend. Yasmin, who was outgoing and affectionate, showed Sassy it was okay to be around humans. Because they were so bonded from their traumatic experience it was decided that the cats had to stay together.

Enter Judy.

Judy learned a lot about cats because of Yasmin's many health issues. Yasmin had almost no fur when she was adopted. Her coat was ratty and short, but eventually it grew and grew, surprising everyone that she was a long haired cat. Yasmin became diabetic and Judy gave her insulin and monitored her care. She did the research and found out with a diet change she could put Yasmin into remission. She did right by her sweet kitty by changing her diet, which worked on lowing her blood sugar levels to within normal limits.

Yasmine meeting
©2012 Robin AF Olson. Yasmin getting her belly brushed by Judy's sister.

Yasmin almost died during her spay surgery and had battles with URIs, dermatitis and painful dental problems, but she remained loving and affectionate throughout her challenges. I got to meet Yasmine when we brought King to his new home where she was completely at ease with us. I have a major soft spot for black and white long haired cats so when I met her I was instantly in love with her, too.

©2014 Judy. They ever lovely Yasmin.

I've kept in touch with Judy since King's adoption and I was very sad to find out that Yasmin recently passed away. Up until her last days when Judy's family came to visit, Yasmin would still come over and sit on Judy's lap so she could be the center of attention. Everyone who met her adored her.

I'm always very sad when another kitty crosses the Rainbow Bridge, but because she was part of our Kitten Associates family, it makes it even harder.

To our dear friend Judy and her family both furry and not, our deepest sympathies for your loss. Yasmin was a very special, very beautiful kitty who will add another star to the heavens. Fly free sweet girl. Fly free.


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Your King Arther story was one of the first of your blog I remember reading.  Hate to hear about Yasmin but King looks great!  :) 

So sorry to hear about Yasmin's passing Robin - I'm like you I have a soft spot for black and white kitties because my first ever cat was black and white tuxedo kitty... Yasmin was a lovely cat and very much loved I can tell...

What a beauty.  <3((((((((^^)))))))) <3 sweet Yasmin.


There are two tuxedos in our family, and one of them, Rani, is longhaired.  She's 17.

Will you guys help my cat? Shares are appreciated!

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