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And this little kitty went; “Wee, Wee, Wee”...all over the house!

There's nothing like the glow of the Northern Lights as they dance across the arctic sky. If you ever get a chance to witness this amazing phenomena, you should. You'll never forget the sight. They're not easy to photograph, which is why I wanted to share these photos with you.

cat pee 1_sm.jpg
There's nothing like the glow of...

But wait, what's that, you say? This is not an image of the aurora borealis? Is this an all-too-familiar sight?

Yes, sports fans, this is cat pee, phosphorescing under the glow of a black light. It's located ACROSS the end of my hallway, right next to the door where the foster cats are housed. Makes sense that my resident cats would show me their disappointment in my choosing to bring yet more cats into the house by marking their territory right next to the offending room.

But what's this, you ask?

cat pee 2_sm.jpg
Notice the spray, then the dribbly puddle on the floor. Someone was ANGRY. It wasn't me. That's all I know. I can't aim that well.

This would be near the landing to the second floor. Any cat that passes this spot will know that one cat has deemed any point past belongs to HER. I'm fairly sure this was done by Petunia, who of all my cats, is my biggest pain in the ass. She is high strung and nervous. Lately she's decided she wants to own the bedroom. This is her warning to others. I would have preferred that she simply issue a memo to everyone via email, than urinate on the wall.

cat pee 3.jpg
I wonder what Jay & Grant on Ghost Hunters would make of this?

Difficult to see, but this area of the wall near our master bath was covered with cat markings. Am I without any sense of smell? Surely not. I made the mistake of thinking I smelled pee just ONCE, then going on a mission to see where the offense had occurred. To my dismay, across a majority of my bedroom and second floor hallway the walls were marked.

Anyone who has to deal with this, knows it's a nightmare to diagnose, YES, diagnose and a nightmare to stop. In my next post, I'm going to talk about ways to figure out what is going on and how to clean it up.

I haven't checked the first floor of my house yet. I'm too scared. For now I'm re-checking the second floor every night to determine if this is ongoing or if it happened a long time ago and I only just found it.

Maybe I should start a gallery of art photos of cat peed walls? It's unique! At least it would help bring in a few dollars so I can afford to load up on a prescription of Xanax and scented candles for myself.


OK, I lied. ROFL!! Oh, I know it is a rough problem, Robin, but I loved the whole northern lights/art thing you had going in this post. The most distressing one I've had was when I sat down at the computer only to find the monitor had been marked. Well, I guess I do spend a great deal of time at the 'puter and if they wanted to claim the mom spot, this would, indeed, be it. Fortunately there were no repeats of that particular performance.

Good luck, hon! I know this can be a tough one to beat.

Hi Lisa,

I'm so glad I made you laugh! That was my intention!

The peeing thing has gone on for years, though it hasn't been much trouble for a long while. My backup external drive and part of my monitor got squirted two weeks ago. Not thrilled. I have some ways to deal with this issue that I will share in my next installment, so stay tuned.

I don't mind anyone laughing at my foolishness. I think the situation is laughable (and cry-able!), too.

OK!! :-)

Back after a week and see you've had another adventure of the unpleasant kind. *sigh* Oh, well, the benefits of kitteh servitude definitely outweigh the drawbacks. Although that's tough to see in the "Uggggh" or "Owwwww" of the moment sometimes!

Robin, I'm so glad you are going to post your advice for remedies and clean-up. It seems like we've tried a million and a half things and we still have problems. Hopefully, you'll have something we haven't tried ... I do feel your pain, and sorry that Petunia is unhappy with you (and poor little Blitzen!)

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