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FYI-Delay Due to Emergency

I promise to catch everyone up on Henry Co. Kitties. Many of them got the funding they needed and are poised to be rescued. Final paperwork and details still need to be worked out. Not all the kitties are going to be rescued, but a good, big number of them are. I don't like to say-"not all" but no matter how many we pull, there will always be some left behind.

I hate it and so do all the folks involved with this...there aren't enough people to do what is needed. There aren't enough foster homes...etc...we're doing our best and then some.

My little foster, Felixia, who just weighs 2.5lbs at 10 weeks, fell ill last night and was lame on her back right leg this morning. She visited with Dr. Larry a little while ago, who gave her an exam and tried to get some x-rays of her leg but she was in too much pain to allow much of that. We saw most of her leg and it looked good, just not her hip. She has a bit of a temp (104) and he suspects an abscess is brewing so she'll be on Clavamox for 10 days. Hope that does the trick or she goes back for a good look at her hip---which would require a tiny bit of sedation first.

felix on y lap.jpg

And...super Deb found flea dirt on her so she and the two other fosters just got Advantage treatments and I just had to clean out their room and have fun with flea spray. Hope nothing is brewing in there. I never had a problem with fleas before, but it's gonna happen sooner or later so I better get used to dealing with it.

More soon, I promise and I hope to have FINAL "time to celebrate" news on some of the Henry Co. Cats. Your donations amaze and delight me to no end. You guys KICK ASS and I love you for it!


Washing things in Dr Bronner's Eucalyptus soap also helps. Like cat beds, towels etc.
They carry it at health food stores. If you want something that is a bit less toxic.
Fleas! UGH. I hate em'. If you flea comb her put the comb directly in a glass/dish/bowl with
mostly alcohol diluted with a bit of water. Alcohol also kills fleas. I can pick the fleas right off
a cat and pop them in alcohol and watch em die. Thank god my kitties are on advantage.

Hope Felixia is feeling better!


This is my first brush, pardon the pun?, with fleas...all suggestions welcome and appreciated!

Great tip! Fleas suck!


Hope the clavamox is working for Felixa. The photo is so sad... poor little girl!

fleas... ick! Bathing them in Dawn dish soap will "stun" them enough for you to comb most of them out (I did this when I couldn't get to the vet until Sunday and two days seemed forever for the little itchy ones). But if they have already been dosed with Advantage you are probably going to be fine.

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