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The Return of Jackson Galaxy

Poor Jackson Galaxy the foster cat. Late last year I rescued this big lug from a Kill Shelter in McDonough, Georgia. He had no hope of rescue since it was so close to Christmas and many rescues couldn't take another adult, but once I saw him I had to save his life. There was something about him, his great size, but sweet vibe that told me this was a kitty who needed to be spared being euthanized.

Fortunately, my friend Katherine from Animals in Distress (AID)said they would take him into their shelter, since I had my hands full. It worked out beautifully and Jackson arrived in January of this year. You can read all about it HERE.

Buddha Jackson copy.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. The most tranquil and Buddha-like Jackson.

I also told Jackson Galaxy, the swanky Cat Daddy from Animal Planet's hit show, “My Cat From Hell,” about this apple-head Tom cat. He felt the same vibe and wanted to lend a helping hand. He offered to provide a FREE 15 minute consultation with whoever adopted the cat. I was delighted!

In less than a few weeks a family stepped forward to adopt Jackson. They had other cats and a dog. There was some concern about how he would get along with everyone, but since Jacks did so well at the shelter, not picking fights or bothering with the other cats, that they gave him a chance.

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. The image that started this journey. How could you say NO to that cat?

Sadly, I don't know all the details, but the basics are that the other cats picked on and attacked Jackson. Jackson didn't cause any trouble at all. He didn't love the dog, but he didn't fight. He tried to stay clear of the cats, but they were violent with him. Eventually the family gave him to their Mother-in-Law since she had no pets. Jackson did fine with her, but then her husband died.

The Mother-in-Law visited her family often and brought Jackson with her. This constant upheaval caused the other cats to continue to attack Jackson. The woman was between a rock and a hard place-either she stop seeing her family, leave Jackson alone or give Jackson back to AID.

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. The Return of Jackson Galaxy.

I know that the family had a very tough time letting Jackson go and I know they ALL cried about it. They shouldn't be vilified for their choice. Jackson was very dear to them, but with the problems with the other cats, they decided it would be best to let him go.

I think there's a point at which people have made up their minds and you can't tell them to try to re-introduce Jackson or to not travel with him and get him a pet sitter; to work it out differently so Jackson wouldn't lose his home. The point was passed before we had a chance to intervene and on Friday, Jackson was brought back to the shelter.

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Investigating his new home.

As fate would have it, AID was beyond full up, but they HAD to take Jackson. I felt responsible and tried to figure out what I was going to do, but Bobette was here taking up the only space I could use for Jackson. It just worked out beautifully that JaneA Kelley adopted Bobette while Jackson waited in a cage at the shelter for space to open up here. He only had to wait a few days.

I brought Jackson home yesterday afternoon and got him settled. My home is the fifth home Jackson's lived in in as many months. He is a bit anxious. He wants OUT of his foster room, but I need to give him and my own cats time to adjust to Bobette being gone and to the new arrival.

Jackson's coat is in terrible condition. It's dry and feels tacky. He must have been fed junk. His eyes are a bit runny and he has feline acne, which I'm already treating homeopathically and with diet. I've been brushing him a lot and trying to soothe his fears. He seems ready to meet my cats and just hang out, but I fear he will break with an upper respiratory infection from all the stress he's been under, so I have to wait a few more days.

Jxn Instagram.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Simply, Jackson. Visit his Petfinder Ad HERE

Jackson will be fine here until we get a great home for him. He's very likable and loving and meows like mad when he gets lonely. I hope he and my cats become friends. He deserves to have a good experience with other cats.

Jackson's very lucky. He not only has me and Katherine looking out for him, but Jackson Galaxy, the man himself, is also this cat's Guardian Angel. Mr. Galaxy took a liking to this big Buddha of a cat and is dedicated to helping us find our boy a great forever home.

With so many people on his side, I just know that one day the REAL forever family for Jackson Galaxy the cat will find him. Until then I get to say I'm living with Jackson Galaxy! How cool is that?


If you're interested in adopting Jackson, visit Kitten Associates Adopt Page and fill out a Pre Adoption Application. Though we prefer adopting within the United States and the area in or around Connecticut, for the right adopter, we're open to discussing an adoption that is further out of state.


It is sad that sometimes the decision is made without asking for help. But he is safe - and you get some special time with him. We have no doubt a great home is out there waiting for this special boy......

My beautiful orange and white tabby also has developed acne....could you describe your homeopathic method of treatment? And the diet?  Thanks!

Don't feed your cat using plastic/melamine dishes. Use stainless steel or ceramic and make sure they are cleaned every day. Don't feed DRY FOOD of any kind. It's very high carb, usually has grain. Feed GRAIN FREE (it will usually say on the label), canned food ONLY or a raw diet. If you want to learn about raw, email me Use a VERY VERY VERY like a drop or two...diluted solution of betadine onto a WET cotton pad to clean the area or use a healing cream with calenduala in it. I think there's a brand called Dr Harvey's that works great.

Robin, I always thought that cats should eat dry food for the health of their teeth.  Tell me more!  Thanks, MayDay

You know how when your cat gobbles dry, then throws it up it looks the same? It's because the cats do NOT have molars and can't crush the food. It does NOT scrub or clean their teeth. In fact it leaves a coating of carbs on their teeth and makes it WORSE. Like after you eat a bowl of cereal you want to brush your teeth. Imagine that coating getting worse and worse every day and you can't brush! It's great marketing by the pet food company's to sell you a bill of goods that is not really in your cat's best interest. Raw chicken neck, turkey necks, wings...those are things cats can gnaw on..that's what cleans their teeth. Dry is bad because of the over processing, the carbs, the high fat...cats don't even have the enzyme in their saliva to digest some of what is in dry. That's why you feed "species appropriate" food-RAW MEAT with no grain. There is a tough transition. Cats who are hooked on the chemicals in dry won't go right to raw. YOU ARE THE BOSS. If the cat won't eat it, then you have to be strict. You can slowly transition-there is info about that on but you have to be firm. You can't just say they won't eat it and leave it at that. It takes work. It took me months to find grain free canned my cats would eat, then I moved them to raw. Now they eat their raw and love it and it's WORTH the time and effort.

Thank you Robin!! I use glass bowls. For some reason she will eat only dry food. I have made several attempts to entice her to eat wet but, she refuses.

This makes me wish that A, I lived closer than North Carolina, and B, I didn't already have two cats.  Because I would take Jackson in a heartbeat, he is so beautiful and gorgeous.  But given that he's got a history with cats picking on him, I'm afraid that my two rowdies (and they are rowdies; their favorite game?  Pounce On The Other Cat And Kangroo Until There Is Begging For Mercy) might scare him.  But I really, really hope that he gets a home deserving of him. 

I have always wanted an all white cat and Jackson is beautiful! Unfortunately we are in Colorado and have a full house with 3 cats and a child. I will be sending lots of juju that Jackson finds the perfect forever home!

Jackson looks exactly like a 10 year old white cat that I have, Valentino

......I mean exactly!  I hope he finds a home......for good! I have four cats that are happily very spoiled. They are all around the same age, all rescues. I have a 3 year old Lab and an 8 year old Brittany as well........yes....nuts!  I live in PA.  Would love to know the progress of Jackson finding a home.  Of course would love to come up and grab him myself!

Pretty boy!  Wish I could take him but I'm in Florida.  He reminds me of my Hopson that we had to put to sleep due to illness.  I loved him so much and still miss him after a year.  He was a white Maine Coon/Turk with light yellow/green eyes too.  Now, if THE real Jackson wants to bring him to my house, I will gladly take him!  Hope he finds a good home.  He looks like a sweety!

He is so big and his head looks like a siberian.  Could you let me know if he is? I am in Colorado and if he is  somewhat hypoallergenic (ask someone over with allergies) and mellow I have a perfect cat that would love to get along with him.  Thanks and I'll be praying for him


My husband & I are SO moved by this cat's plight, we'll do whatever we can to help him.  We'd adopt him, but live in CO -- still, if no one wants him there, we would!  Yes, including attendant expenses. 

We have only 1 cat now, also a great big boy who is just now 2 yrs. old and sweet as everything.  We have a HUGE cat tree/condo, sev. litter boxes, sev. water fountains, a contained balcony, and feed fresh tuna once a day.  But we think our "pocket panther" is lonely sometimes and would enjoy a cat companion.  We've been looking for the right fit.  "Titters" isn't a boy name, but it came w/him.  We took him as a rescue from my son & d-i-l, who'd given the kitty to a 5 yr. old girl of the family  they shared a house with. 

These people weren't real reliable, and took off for "home" (Ohio; we all live in CO) 3 or 4? times, for months at a time, leaving my son & dil to care for the cat, ALONG with their 3 dogs.  (so he's been around dogs from day 1)  The daughter was a real peach, and was caught sev. times swinging poor Titters by his tail.  My kids read her the riot act, only to have it given right back to them by these ... um, erstwhile parents.  ("How DARE you talk to MY daughter like that?!?!)  Anyway, once a parting of the ways became inevitable, the kids were gonna put Titters on "Craigslist".  We'd met him before & thought he was great, and when I went to help kids move, he attached himself to me as securely as he could.  I came home determined to bring him to our house, but needed to clear it w/my darlin' (we'd lost our 18+ yr. old dog, & 12 yr. old diabetic cat his mom willed him within the last 6-10 mos.).  After we helped finish them moving that wknd., he agreed the big guy should live with us, as Titters attached himself to BOTH of us.  We've NEVER been sorry!  But it's funny -- the first couple times they came to visit, Titters "showed off" but was REAL suspicious that they were gonna try to remove him & take him home w/them!  ;) 

Anyway, if no one there wants him, let us know.  If nothing else, we'll help with his expenses.  What a cutie, and we can tell, a real sweetheart as well.

Deb & Doug

what a great story, I hope that all goes well and Jackson will have a forever home.  If ya'll haven't done so the article says "If you're interested in adopting Jackson, visit Kitten Associates Adopt Page and fill out a Pre Adoption Application. Though we prefer adopting within the United States and the area in or around Connecticut, for the right adopter, we're open to discussing an adoption that is further out of state."  I don't know if you've done this yet.  Anyways, good luck.

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