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A Teenie Weenie Favor

If you enjoy reading about my crazy exploits or about the cats and kittens I've rescued, I'd be very appreciative if you'd consider nominating for one or MORE Nose-to-Nose Blogging & Social Media Awards

This is the FIRST year BlogPaws created these awards and what's great about them is that entries are judged by a panel of Professionals so bloggers who have an enormous following, don't necessarily win since it's NOT a popularity contest! This gives the little guys, like us, a chance to shine!

If you visit this link: You'll see the following graphic. Just click on the icon to fill out the nomination form online. I crossed out categories is not qualified to enter. The rest we ARE qualified to enter, but it's up to you which ones to choose-or ALL..whatever you want to do.

I outlined in blue the top THREE I would LOVE to be nominated for if you think it's fair.

Nominations end on MAY 6th SO ACT FAST, PLEASE!

blogpaws icons.jpg

The form is basically the same for each nomination. I filled one out so you could see what you need to include. Of course you add your OWN name to the nomination in the appropriate spaces provided.

The only thing that got clipped off is the FACEBOOK PAGE OF NOMINEE: That info is:

What the Nomination Form/Ballot looks like:

entry info sm.jpg

And if you DON'T NOMINATE COVEREDINCATHAIR.COM, the KITTEN GETS IT! (lots of kisses…well, I'll do that either way)

Dahlia Perfection.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Hello-Dahlia wants you to nominate, too! How can you say no to that face?



Done...Done and DONE!!! You deserve to win! Good Luck!

Smoochies for the kitten! 

Wishing you lots of luck Robin!

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