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Owner Commits Suicide, Leaves Two Cats Behind Who Need Rescue

A few days ago a woman committed suicide in Fairfield County, Connecticut. She left behind her two cats; Marmalade, a one year old orange and white Maine Coon mix and Shadow, a stunning, silver tabby long haired cat who is declawed, front paws and is about 10 years old. She lived alone and the only human family who remains is her brother who does not like cats and wants them euthanized.


They have lost their home and lost their mama. Marmalade is sweet as ever, but Shadow is acting out, angry, even lashing out at his friend, Marmalade.

The local rescue community, including myself, are trying to get the word out on these two cats to find them homes or rescues to take them.

I have very little information since this is breaking news. If you're in CONNECTICUT, MASSACHUSETTS, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, RHODE ISLAND with a Non-Profit cat rescue or are interested in adopting either of these cats, contact me directly at and I'll put you in touch with the right people. We need to act ASAP.



How awful! We're in NJ, wish we could take them in, but will ask around. They look like lovely kitts!

So very sad..My fur babies is what has kept me going in my times of depression, Im in Louisiana and so far away, I'll pray someone at least fosters them until a perm home can be found.

They are beautiful, this is really heartbreaking

Oh my.... I hope this sweeties find a new forever home, together if is possible... OMG!

Where are the kitties now?

Im Director of operations with East Coast Maine Coon Rescue.

We might be able to help.

I might even have a foster home in NH, or NJ, PA available to take them in, depeding on the details.


Can someone contact me? @

Non profit maine coon rescue might be able to help.  please contact me.

aw, that's so sad!  I'm all the way in michigan..but that's so mean of the brother to rather have them euthanized than find homes for them, just because 'he doesn't like cats' selfish. Geeze....

Aw, that's so sad! I'm all the way in Michigan though. And wow that's so mean of her brother, to rather have them put down than find homes for them, just because he 'doesn't like cats'. How selfish! Gosh....

How very sad - they are so beautiful. The ginger one looks just like a cat I had several years ago. Please please let them find a home together soon. I'm sad for their owner that she felt such pain, and sad for the cats for their pain too.

If these cats are still in need of rescue...please contact Friends of the Plymouth Pound at  We may be able to take them in to our adoption program.  Thank you. 

Its been a few days, so I'm just checking back to see if there has been any update.  This was such a sad situation! We posted and a few friends reposted on FB, and we're hoping and praying the rescuer who responded above was able to help.

BOTH CATS ARE SAFE. THere's an updated post if you hit the main page of my worries.

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