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Not on My Watch: Bobby's Angels

In honor of my beloved, Bob, who died 12 days ago, I decided to rescue a cat. When I found out about an orange kitty stuck in a tiny cage at Henry County, sick and starving with six tiny kittens stripping her of any energy she has left, I knew I met “the one” that needed my help. In this case, it turned out to be “the seven” who needed me.

Beautiful Bob_sm.jpg
©2009 Robin A.F. Olson. My darling, Bob.

I'm VERY VERY LUCKY I have good friends who support my rescue “habit.” Over the course of this morning and afternoon, I was able to put together a number of plans, which included the dreaded “worse case scenario.” They told us that Mama “was not doing well” and not eating. That could mean a million different things. Is it as simple as she's scared and unhappy? Is she getting an upper respiratory infection? Or is something deeply wrong with her? Something the Vet can't correct? Something VERY costly to cure?

I had to ask everyone on our team if they would be able to handle it if Mama had to be euthanized. I didn't even want to ask. Bobby didn't even bat an eye. He is willing to be our warrior. I knew I could count on him. Maria found a backup foster home in case the babies have to be bottle fed. Then Connie, understanding the risk of pulling a sick cat from a shelter, said that her group, Animals in Distress, would help us with initial vetting!

How could I say no?

So I didn't!

AC 9.14.11 001 rez .jpg

Then we all started to panic, worrying about the worst case...would Mama be OK?

Bobby got her out of Henry at 4pm. An hour later, I found out the good news-MAMA IS NEGATIVE/NEGATIVE for FIV+ and Feline Leukemia!!!!!

But why wasn't she eating?

I don't have complete details yet, but Mama has a small abscess on the base of her tail. That has been treated. Otherwise they thought she was in VERY GOOD overall condition. I don't even know how old she is or the birthday of her six little kittens. All I know is she is SAFE and will be in a warm, clean room with plenty of good food to eat. Hopefully, once she settles down, she will want to eat. She won't need to use a tiny litter pan as a place to rest. She'll have a nice, soft bed. She'll have the companionship of someone who loves cats deeply and hopefully one day, when they are all old enough, they will come to my home and be fostered here.

AC 9.14.11 002_rez copy.jpg

We don't even know if we have six boys or a mix of sexes. We barely even know what they look like. All that matters is that they're a lovely orange, perhaps more rich and deep in tone than Bob, but it works for me. I am so VERY HAPPY to be able to have been part of saving their lives. It softens the pain of losing Bob, just a little bit.

Today is the beginning of their story with us and unlike Bob, they will have a great start with everything they need so they'll never have to get FIV+ and suffer through a sad end the way Bob did.

I think Bob sent this family to me. I just found out they were born the day he died.


the Momma cat and her little ones!!
Oh and thankful for Bobby and Maria :)

This is so wonderful!
We love it maybe we have a Bobbie coming to your home???
We definitely think Bob had a paw in this!
>^,,^ ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥

They are beautiful! So glad they are safe. You were destined to save this little family! Thank you, Bob Dole!!

Own! I´m crying here... I lost my dear organe kitteh one week ago... thanks to the rescue the babies and all others.

Now you need to come up with names! You know, orangey names. Tangerine, Apricot, Copper, Flame, Terracota, Ginger, Marmalade . . .

My Mayhem is an orange boy as well :) can't wait to hear about this families journey. you do awesome work Robin!!

that last sentence...about Bob sending them and their being born the day he left us....
you are amazing thank so much for what you do.

Yep - sometimes fate takes a hand with us. We gots our paws crossed for this young momma cat - hopefully a safe quiet place with some good canned food will get her eating again. We are so glad you were there for her and the kits.

I fostered my first cat family this summer for a local rescue organization by a strange coincidence it was an orange mother cat and seven orange kittens! How common are litters, and queens, that are all orange? I had two girls, five boys - kittens are all adopted now but I still have the mother. She had/has a URI infection, at one point she wasn't eating but it's mostly better now - at least she's eating. Oh and she acted as foster mother for a second group of rescued feral born kittens!

I usually limit my support to my local animal groups but I think I have to chip in to help your orange family. Hope they are all healthy, at least they are now in good hands.

That's what happens with love, it spreads. This is one lucky kitty family. They'll be loved.

Thank you all for saving Bob's Angels - what a wonderful tribute to Bob - I know that he is purring right now for you!

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