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FCJ: Full Speed Ahead

Cara had her first endoscopy performed twelve days ago. She was weak, frail and exhausted on that drive home after the procedure. The next day I began giving her medications at least every six hours. It's a complicated combination of medications that have to be given on time. Although I'm turning into a zombie from lack of sleep, Cara's been turning the corner!

cute cara biting leg.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Cara nibbles on her arm. Good eats!

Each day I brought Cara her food. Watered down baby food plus A/D (which I do not want to feed her!). It's a thin porridge-like consistency. I trained Cara to eat inside a cat carrier. This way her siblings or mother can't bother her (much) as she's eating and I can monitor how much she eats. It also keeps HER from getting into the canned food her family gets. I have to make sure Cara's esophagus has time to heal. Should she eat thick canned food, it might open up a sore or cause a stricture to reform.

I have to be scrupulous about not letting her have a nibble of anything, because she knows to explore the area where her family is fed, after I take up their plates and wipe down the rubber placemat. Cara frantically sniffs and licks at the tiniest morsel. At least her drive to eat is strong, but it could get her into trouble.

watching the president.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Cara and Polly watch President Obama's speech after the earthquake. The kittens and I are very sad.

Then, I'll wait. I'll sit with the cats and watch Cara. She had some grumbling tummy, some burps, but nothing too bad. I looked for signs of vomit around the room and found none. I decided after more than a week, to give Cara different canned food, baby food and water. She ate it but it was a bit thick and I thought she might vomit. The next morning I found a HUGE vomit all over the bed, with lots of water in it, too. I couldn't believe that tiny Cara had that much food in her AND she would have done it many hours after eating. I hoped that maybe her mama, Mazie had done it, not her.

Since I was worried that it WAS the food, I went back to the old standby.

After the first week, I spoke with Dr. K and she said to stay the course. Now we're at almost the end of week two and it's time to update Dr. K again to see what should be done next. Cara is growing rapidly and gaining weight. She's running around the room like a maniac, chasing after Polly and Chester. If she can keep down thicker food, then she may be out of the woods and will not need another balloon dilation. It's too early to say, but right now, she's looking great!

And since it's been almost two weeks, I think I can safely (I hope) say that I'm very glad we did NOT place a feeding tube into Cara. Cara seems very comfortable now, so perhaps we're one step closer to Cara being ready to be adopted? It's truly amazing to see her progress.

sweet cara.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Who feels better? ME!

Go little sweetie, go!


Her eyes are so huge. They struck me from day one, giving her an elfin, ethereal look. I think that's why she looks so frail to me. I'm so glad she's able to eat. It must have been so frustrating for you both. Thank you Robin for caring for this little waif and all the other kitties too. You truly are an angel for the kitties!

That is great news about Cara. I have been rooting for this little girl to make it. She has been thorough alot in her short life. I hope she continues to improve. You are such a wonderful person with the cats. Most people would not have went through what you have with Cara and Bob too. I sure hope Bob gets better too. I have been keeping both Cara and Bob in my prayers. My kitties said to tell you they are sending Power of the Paw to both in hopes they both get better soon.

I think in many cases A/D is a Godsend. It is smooth and thus easily blended for assisted feeding, is palatable for many cats, and is calorie dense. And it looks like it is working on dear Cara.

Hello, cat loving friends,

     My human and some of our friends have been wearing they're Hello Kitty gear to show their support for Japan. You could not picture a more recognizable pop culture icon to symbolize the uniqueness of Japan especially among cat lovers. 
     This kitty thinks this is a great idea, and wonders if we could organize a Cat Lovers for Japan Day and all wear Something HK to show that Japan is in our hearts. My mommy is headed to target to stock up on HK silly band bracelets to give to friends. 
     I've asked my mommy to create a FB page for this event, but I need the help of the cat loving community to help spread the word. 
     My mommy has decided to donate 50 cents to rescue and recovery efforts for each FB user who posts a picture of themselves or their pet in HK attire (wish it could be more, but we are both disabled). 
     I am also looking for businesses that would be willing to pledge sponsorship for the event. 

Any suggestions would be welcome. 

Yours truly, 
The CUTEST thing on three legs, 
Aramis >^^

I am so happy to hear that she's doing so much better. You must be exhausted, but relieved that your diligence is paying off in a kidden who is actually getting a chance to be a kitten!
Do you have adoptive parents lined up for her?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay, sweet baby Cara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go, Cara! Way to go, Robin! Three cheers, Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip hooray! :)

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