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Over the past year that I've been rescuing cats from Kill Shelters in Georgia, there have been a few people behind the scenes who make most of my rescues possible. One of my team members is Maria. If you read my blog, even just once in awhile, you know Maria's name.

Maria is my uber-foster Mom---the one I can load up with sick kittens, who never once complains about it, who frets over them and who takes days off work, to give them the best care possible. She will do just about anything and then some, to rescue a cat out of harm's way. Every week she volunteers to clean cages at the local Petsmart to help out another rescue group, even after a long day at work when doing so gets her home late at night.

She also let me know where to get Vet care done for less cost. She knows the value of a dollar, since she doesn't have many to her name. Like so many who do rescue, she cares not about herself, but her animals.

Maria even served our Country! Yep, she was in the Air Force! Maria is a tough cookie and works hard. Nothing seems to phase her, so when she called me today and was crying on the phone, I knew something terrible was going on.

Choco and da bear.jpg
©2010 Maria S. Choco a few months ago, enjoying his new Catio.

Maria's cat, Choco, was diagnosed with Diabetes just last week. Jennifer, the Treasurer and a Board Members of Kitten Associates, contacted her friend, Venita at Diabetic Cats in Need. They were able to give Maria a lovely donation of tools she'd need to begin the daily blood glucose monitoring her cat would need. It really helped her alot, so way to go, Jennifer and Venita at DCIN!

©2010 Maria S. Maria adopted Choco, partially because Black cats just don't get adopted in the South. What a loss it would have been if she hadn't rescued him!

Then, this morning, Choco was hunched over and wouldn't eat. Something was terribly wrong. Maria rushed him to her Vet where they diagnosed him as having Ketoacidosis. This is a life-threatening, potentially fatal situation and the Vet couldn't provide 24 hr care, so Maria had to rush him to Southern Cresent Animal Emergency Clinic.

Choco Today.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Choco, today.

You know the kind of place I'm referring to..the type that really wants to care for the inside of your wallet, then they'll look at your pet. The problem, as I know all too well, Maria's wallet isn't very full. She's desperately trying to put together some money to cover Choco's care and I really want to help her make this happen.

The estimate is $1800.00-$2700.00!!!Choco may need to be hospitalized for a few days. Many years ago this happened to our own, Spencer, the mascot of Covered in Cat Hair and he almost died. I was very lucky I had help to get the Vet bill taken care of or I would have lost Spencer.

Maria was able to get Care Credit to cover some of the bill, but not all over it. We need to do a fundraiser for her for, at least another $1500.00. DCIN has begun fundraising for Choco's care.

©2011 Maria S. Let's Help Choco!

You donation IS tax deductible. Maria is a wonderful person and we need to lend her a helping paw for all she does for cats in need.

Please visit THIS page on DCIN's web page to make a donation. Make sure you mark your donation "FOR CHOCO" so they know where to direct the funds.

If it's not a good time to make a donation, please share this post with your friends and family and help us get the word out on this lovely cat who needs our support.


Love to all, Robin


Tweeted and gave. Maybe get Sockington's Army to spread the word??

when check comes next week, will send what I can. Will also share on fb.
May I use one of your photos w/credit to you?
Keep us updated!

Shared it on twitter and facebook. sure hope Choco will be okay!

Oh blessings on her and on that precious little one.

I want to THANK everybody for their wonderful advice and donations. Choco is DKA and currently at Southern Crescent Emergency Clinic in Fayeteville Georgia. I'm sure you can imagine how I felt when the vet looked at me and said Choco was in bad shape and that he needed to be hopitalized for a few days due to his keytones being too high. As the vet was talking, all I could think about was how I was going to come up with the money to pay for a weekend stay at the emergency vet. If I did nothing, he would suffer and die. I have been down this road before so I knew I was looking at a cost far greater than I could ever afford. My heart sunk and along with the sadness came anger towards myself. I felt like a complete failure to my child. I couldn't fight back my tears and for a split second, I thought the only loving option would be to put him to sleep so he wouldn't suffer. That thought literally lasted for a split second because there was no way that was happening. I got myself together and put my brain into motion. I remembered hearing about Care Credit so I called my wonderful friend Robin and after she listened to me having a mild break down, she told me how it works. The emergency animal clinic let me use their computer and I was approved!! Unfortunately, it wasn't even enough for the deposit that I had to give them before they would even start helping Choco. :O( This is where 3 amazing ladies stepped in and set up a fundraiser for Choco. Thank you is not enough to show my gratitude towards Robin, Venita and Jennifer but it's all I've got to give. It is simply beautiful and amazing how complete strangers open up their hearts to care for one another and these precious babies. Thanks again!!!

If there's one thing you should know by now is that you're not alone. There are MANY MANY MANY folks who have been in your shoes or are in your shoes right now, myself, included.

We all have big hearts around here and I'm really glad that people continue to be generous despite having their own troubles. I know it is important to me, to always help others in need, before I think of myself. It's what makes the world a lovely place-feeling the compassion and love of folks you have never met. We're all out here, sharing the same suffering and when we come together, we can move mountains and change the world for the better. :-)

My best to you and Choco and I hope he'll be doing well and home safe in your arms soon.

Coming out of lurk mode to say I just sent a donation via PayPal to help with Choco's bills.

Good morning all,

I just called Southern Crescent to check on Choco. The vet seemed very happy with his progress thus far. His last BG was 253 but at some point did get down to the 190 area. His potassium got a little low so they added to his fluid bag. His next BG will be at 9:00 and they will check his keytone level again at 3:00. His mood seems to be getting back to the "regular" Choco that I know and love. He is up and moving around, purring, talking and rubbing on everybody's hands. The vet said it's just still too early to know if he's going to need anything more than this weekends hospitalization. I guess I'll get a clearer picture of how well he is doing later today when his keytone results come back. Thanks again for everyones advice and donations!

So thankful he is doing better. Such a handsome boy..

I called the vet around 11:30 to check on Choco and at 9:00 am his GB was down to 174. They decreased his Dextros (I'm not sure how to spell it) and increased his insulin. They will be checking his GB again at noon and then his keytones at 3:00. The vet tech is in love with him. She said she was rubbing on his belly and he just laid on his back purring as loud as he could purr. I'll be going to visit in a couple of hours. :O)

is the emergency vet part of this program? They do grants for emergency care for pet owners that are in need of some finacial help.

Feel better soon Choco

Hi, I haven't heard about this site but will certainly be looking into it. Thanks so much for the info and well wishes for Choco!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Choco has made it home and is comfortably resting underneath my desk. We still have a ways to go to try and get him regulated but I will now be testing his urine for keytones along with his blood. I know there are no guarantees but I am going to do my very best to try and prevent this crisis from rearing it's ugly head in the future. I want to THANK everybody again that donated to help pay for his mini vacation in the ER this weekend ;O/. You have all truly been an enourmous blessing. THANKS also for all the prayers and well wishes. They really helped me get through this weekend without having a major break down. From here on out, I have to fight the ugly battle against diabetes to keep my fur baby alive and healthy. Wish me luck!!!

I am glad Choco is doing better. I adopted a diabetic cat ( still have the kitty, not the diabetes) and I was able to reverse her diabetes with a change in diet. She is 14 years old and was eating Iams Senior formula dry and Fancy Feast canned. I was injecting her twice daily with 4 units of insulin (per my vet's directions) I changed her over to EVO Turkey and Chicken dry and the high protein Fancy Feasts (without the gravy) and within 3 months her diabetes had reversed and the vet said to stop giving her the insulin.
On the EVO, she has lost 3lbs ( down from 17) and often has bouts of kitteness. I changed all of my kitties over to EVO. It is a little pricey, but nearly as pricey as insulin, syringes and diabetes test strips.
Good luck.

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