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Foster Cat Journal: Got You Covered

Bobbi is free. Free from the life in a cage on death row. Had we not pulled her when we did, she would already be gone, for at the Vet we found out that Bobbi has the beginnings of a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection)-which is a death sentence for cats in a shelter. Her skin is in such sorry condition that the Vet fears she also may have ringworm, so we did a culture called a DTM to rule that out. Her skin problems are most likely the result of having a bad flea infestation and not ringworm. When she was brought to Henry Co. Care & Control last week, they only saw the fleas. She was surrendered by her owner for reasons we will never know.

©2010 Maria S. Bobbi is FREE!

A just 5.5. pounds, Bobbi, though small in physical size, is still seriously underweight. It's possible her owner could not afford to feed her any longer. I've heard stories of folks in the south feeding their cats bread when they had no money for cat food. It's really a terrible situation for so many people. I suppose whoever relinquished her thought they were helping her, when they were just sending her off to die.

©2010 Maria S. You can really see how thin Bobbi is in this photo.

Bobbi is slow to eat much. She must be having trouble smelling her food. Her foster mama, Maria is going to get her some other things to eat to see if she can stimulate this thin baby's appetite.

Not only starving, but this cat must have been through some other Hell I can't imagine. Being covered with fleas and declawed, she is unable to relieve her itchy skin with a scratch. This, too me, is such torture, I can't imagine how this cat can still maintain a friendly and affectionate demeanor when she must be so uncomfortable. We're looking into finding a soothing bath and treatment that will help her feel more comfortable.

©2010 Maria S. Regardless of how lousy her life has been up to this point, Bobbi finally has a place to stretch out and relax.

Bobbi loves people. She's between 1 and 2 years old. How she got declawed on all four paws, but may not have been spayed, boggles my mind. Is her tail amputated or is she a manx? I don't even think I want to know at this point. All I know is we are going to get this cat well and get her a terrific home.

©2010 Maria S. Bobbi takes a moment to say; “Thank You for rescuing me!”

Due to her illness, it's not certain if she'll be able to make the transport late next week. It would really be terrible if she misses it, but we will do what we need to so she continues to get better. We MUST keep the other cats from getting sick, too. You and I both know the last thing we want to happen is to get a car load of sick cats! Not after last year's nightmare with Santa's Team and their 4 month battle with URi's and ringworm. Please not again!

This is definitely not great news, but it's not a complete setback, either. In the coming days, hopefully Bobbi will improve and regain her good health and we can look forward to celebrating her arrival...

That said, I have the feeling I may have to go on a road trip in a few weeks. Anyone want to drive to Georgia with me?


she looks like a manx to me - specifically the Cymric version (long-hair). If her back legs are taller and rounded, I'd say she is genetically tail-less. (hope that makes you feel a little better - that her tail wasn't human - bobbed). How can spaying or neutering not be one of the FIRST things you do with a new cat/kitten? Maybe her previous owner was planning to breed her & sell the kittens.
Poor baby! She is terrible thin & the bald belly just breaks my heart. I can't wait until we get some healthy pics of her!
My offer still stands on adopting her if we can find a way to get her to the midwest: )

great for itchy skin. There are some pet shampoos that have it. It might help the poor bebe.

And you can count me in for a trip to GA. ;D

on your plants, it's a natural pesticide

much love to the kitty and healing thoughts

I really wish I new Bobbi's tale, but the vet and I agreed that her tail appeared to be natural not a surgical (or otherwise) bob. It felt as if the bones came down to a point like a long tailed cat. The belly shave was done in an attempt to find a surgical scar and is not from excess licking or the like.

Some people think that the Henry County facility is a no kill shelter so the cat may have been dropped off with good intentions. The shelter does inform each person and the form actually states the choices for disposition. The cat did come from an area very near my house and I doubt if finance was the reason for surrendering Bobbi.

For the life of me I cannot even think that someone could watch a kitty get in that shape and not do something to help her therefore I think she was a stray. That doesn't explain her condition because anyone could have picked her up. She is such a doll.


What a beautiful face she has. I hope she starts to feel all the love everyone is sending her way soon. And it gives her an interest in good food!

I can't remember right now where you are, but I live in Atlanta and would be willing to drive this sweet girl roughly 200 miles one way (slightly more than 2 hours?) so long as it doesn't need to happen before the 17th of August (I'm in the process of moving before then and just can't do it).

what a beauty!!

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