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Super Cute Saturday


From today's Adoption Event...Some little scaredy-kittens. I'm not sure, but I think these guys could be Candy's siblings. Don't they look related? Regardless, enjoy the cuteness!

Little Scaredies_sm.jpg

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awwwww soooo sweet!!!! I love them!!!!

And we want to welcome you to munchkin land.... (that is what the 2nd picture reminds me of)!

I spent the night sleeping on the floor of my auntie's living room; she was "baby-sitting" a friend's kitten. It was super-cute, cuddly and sweet. We had a nice time playing with it before bed, then it settle down and went to sleep - ahhhhh....
Middle of the night - I was rudely awakened by an evil alien invader, who sliced my nose with his sabre-sharp knife and disappeared!! Only it wasn't... once I was awake I realised that the "thing" that had torn up the inside of my nose was a manic, crazy, small, furry kitten - the same one that had so cutely sat on my lap and purred, then curled up and gone sweetly to sleep.
Once peeled off the ceiling,with my nose bathed and the kitten shut in the kitchen, I went back to sleep.
But I learned an important lesson - they do it on purpose to fool you - that big-eyed cute thing. Don't be fooled for a minute!
Still, I have to admit those are cute kitties... and I would have one, if I lived a few thousand miles further west. But it would sleep in the kitchen!

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