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New Product Idea. Stackable Cat Hotel.

So you can't get your cat into the cat carrier when it's time to go to the Vet, but maybe if you leave your cat carrier out with the door open, the cats will come up with another use for what was once their fear locker.

Two Story Cat House.jpg

Petunia, below and Blitzen obove, for once are in close proximity without any conflict.

Introducing, the Stackable Cat Hotel!

Reminds me of those Capsule hotels in Japan, sans the TVs and clean linens.

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but it's never worked for my cats. The carriers are always out and open, Amber used to love to nap in hers. However, there seems to be a distinct difference in a cat's mind between carrier as nap spot and carrier as transport, and none of my cats have ever fallen for the trick. I'd love to hear if this actually works for anyone :-)!

It sure is interesting that Blitzen and Petunia were peacefully coexisting in their little stackable cat hotel!

I'm thinking to eschew using the cat carrier for traveling and just use it for a new place for the cats to nap. Usually Tunie hates Blitz, so this was a nice change of pace.

I agree that leaving the carrier out does nothing to convince your cat that it's not a threatening place once the door is shut and the cat is trapped inside.

If only they could understand language! Then we could tell them what's going on..and they would put up an even bigger fight, no doubt!

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