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Foster Cat Journal: Santa's Team Arrives & So Does the Panic

I got in the car, my stomach started to CHURN. I thought it was just because I was psyched to finally pick up the GA rescue kitties, but then I realized...oh poisoning!!!

We made it to a nearby gas station where I had a really QUICK visit to the bathroom. I could barely “contain myself”-literally. Great. That fine lunch Sam and I had at Swanky Franks gave me the trots. How am I gonna get to Brewster to pick the cats up? It's a 40 minute drive?

I guess it's a blessing that I have a tender tummy most of the time, so I carry Immodium on me. Good thing. Sam was sick, too. We both sat in the parking lot at the Mobil station swilling bubbly water and stuffing tiny green pills into our mouth. Nice way to start a heartwarming story about cat rescue, right?

Plugged up and guts rumbling, Sam punched the throttle and off we went. In the blink of an eye we were at the parking lot of Home Depot and there sat the transport van. My heart was racing, thankfully, nothing else in my body was making an waves. I smiled over to Dick, the driver, and we jumped out of our vehicles to say hello. There were a few dogs running around on the grass enjoying freezing to death! Geez, it was COLD!

Dick ushered me into the van an apologized for it being messy. It was like being inside someone's closet-someone who has lots of puppies in cages in their closet. There was a great deal of barking and rustling around. Dick's wife Diane, loaded up the crates and handed them out to me one by one.

First, was Mama-Cupid and her 4 kittens. I took a quick peek at them and was floored. WOW they are PRETTY KITTIES!

I raced over to the car and loaded them inside. Sam had the heat blasting-good thing. I got the next carrier-SNEEZING hit me in the face. Comet was SICK. SHIT!

Next was Rudy and Dasher-who I had never even seen! He is a cutie with white and tabby and something weird markings. I gotta get a photo of it. Then lastly, was Vixen. I didn't get a look at her, other than saw her gray furred paw reach out to tap me “hello” as I put her crate into the car.

The entire drive home was mostly silent save for one kitten meowing occasionally. Once we got home, I knew it would be crazy-time, but I was ready.

What I was not ready was to see the condition of Comet and Rudy-they are VERY SICK. Rudy can barely breathe. Comet has a nasty eye infection. This could not have popped up during the 24 hr transport, could it? No way. A sniffle-sure, but a full blown take-me-to-the-ER URI? No.

comet sick.jpg

I'm not a happy camper right now. I wanted to enjoy tonight and watch the cats explore life OUTSIDE a cage and good food-they were ALL starving and drank a TON of water!!! What gives??? They should have had access to BOTH on the transport. Now I am hoping that Rudy makes it through the night and that MY cats don't get sick, too.

In the morning I will get Rudy, Dasher and Comet to the Vet. My Director offered to take the sick cats from me, bless her heart. I could really hug her right now. I just do not have the space to split up the 4 singleton kittens so that the sole not-sick one, Vixen stays not sick.

Well..we will deal and move one. Hopefully everyone will be all right soon. I'm going to sneak up and visit with Cupid and her babies who are so pretty, pouffy and cute that I may have to break my vow of not adopting foster kittens!


Here's Cupid. She's very laid back and sweet.


This is all I could get of 3 of the 4 kittens. They are all beauties and were having fun literally hoping and skipping around the room!

I knew it would be Crazy Town be it. Welcome aboard!


Hey - I've been to Brewster! lol

Robin - you are an angel. I hope all the kitties get healthy soon and then find their forever homes right away.

But if they were still in Henry and woke up sick, they'd just be killed as a matter of routine. You are saving precious lives. Warm thoughts hoping that the kitties are not seriously ill.

They're so...FLUFFY!!! OMG...heehee

I hope the sick babies will be ok :(

They are now here and that is the best part - they will get a new start on life even if it is a rough beginning!!! If I wasnt' going away I would BEG you to foster mama and her fluffy babies!!!!

I hope the three sickies are ok soon and that no one else catches anything! I really hope it is nothing to serious with them. And Cupid and the babies are adorable! The kittens just look like cute little balls of floof!

Good luck with and to each and every one of the reindeer kitties!

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