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Tater's Tale

It feels like a month's worth of time has passed over the last 10 days since Tater Tot first fell ill. Between sleepless nights, emails to colleagues, calls and visits to Vets; we teased out a possible answer to what has been ailing our little foster kitten.

Tater has Coccidia, Tapeworm and a bad Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (and maybe pneumonia). Three days after we began treatment, Tater's temperature dropped and by day four, his temperature was within a normal range.

Tater At Vet 7.9.jpg
©2012 Maria S. Tater on the way to the Vet yesterday.

On day four of treatment, Tater began to eat on his own. By day five, Tater gained back some of the weight he lost.

We brought Tater back to the Vet for a re-check and to discuss what sort of testing we should consider doing. We have a suspicion Tater has Bartonella, which is now called Mycoplasma haemofelis ("feline infectious anemia").

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson & Maria S. Tater's Tale. Tissue Warning.

The Vet didn't feel we needed to do tests just yet, but to continue with treatment though she did agree to change Tater's antibiotic to Doxycycline which would fend off the Bartonella, if that's what he's been battling. There are no conclusive tests that will tell us more than just levels of exposure to the Coronavirus if he has FIP or if he has Bartonella.

For now she wants to stay the course and see how he does. Tater is NOT out of the woods, BUT he is also NOT close to death as he was just one week ago today. It will be a long road to recovery, if we are lucky enough to get him healthy. I know for certain that Maria and I are dedicated to his well being and that he should enjoy a happy future.


I asked the Vet if we could take FIP off the table and she said, YES based on a number of clinical factors.


I know we have a long way to go, but for now we can rejoice that Tater is with us—hopefully for a long time to come. We've learned a lot about FIP and perhaps what is NOT FIP. Nothing is certain, but in time all this will make sense.


I am so glad this little guy is doing better!  Absolutely love his tail when he's playing!  Will continue to keep him in my prayers♥ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Fabulous editing and storytelling, Robin. We cried. I'm envious of the people who will get to adopt this fur baby, because he will be adopted. He's going to be in great demand. If only Larry could see his way to allowing me to have him:-( He could even be a foster fail. LOL

I'm so happy to see Tater Tot playing! Prayers for his continuing improvement!!!

Having worked in an animal shelter, I was skeptical as to the outlook for little Tater, but it just goes to show what some time and a little faith can do. This is the very reason that foster homes (and rescues) are such valuable resources - in a shelter setting, he wouldn't have stood a chance. Thank you for sharing his progress, I hope he continues to improve by leaps and bounds (especially now that he is feeling well enough to both leap AND bound!)
Also wanted to compliment you on your video editing - you do an amazing job on that, I am sure if I took the time I could figure it out - but until I am so inclined, I am amazed by those who can do so :)

I am so happy for Tater...he is so adorable...the video was great!

It is a joy to see Tater feeling and looking so much better  Hooray!

I'm so happy to hear how much better Tater Tot is doing!  He reminds me so much of my cat Will Feral who was a mess when we found him. They look so much alike and their stories are similar. Will Feral still needs to eventually have surgery on both back legs for bilateral patellar luxation. :-(  He is doing great, though and is so nice to his older kitty brothers and sisters. Our nickname for him is Small-Fry; we also have potato-themed nicknames for the others: Tater Tot, Sweet Potato, Spud, and Mashed Potato.

So glad to hear they took FIP off the table.  Sending him best wishes for a speedy recovery and a long happy life!

Please keep us informed as to Tater's progress.  I pray he recovers and gets to enjoy a long life as only a cat can do.

I came across this blog while looking up FIP, and I can’t find an end to the story. What happened to Tater?

He got adopted into a loving home, too. :-)

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