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A Few of My Favorite Things


Animals of all kinds. Especially cats & horses. Boating. Did I mention cats? LOL

Movies and Television

I like old movies & old TV shows like Lassie, The Lone Ranger, McKales Navy, Father Knows Best, Emergency, Hopalong Cassidy, Adam 12 etc., etc.

Yes, I Read, Too!

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

The Sound of Music

I like classic rock, Jazz, new & old country. I HATE ROCK AND ROLL!! The kind with all the screaming & words u cant even understand.

About My Cats

My Cats

I have 5. My oldest is Ace, he's 10. He's all black w/just a dab of white on his chest. Then there is Joker. He's white w/blue eyes & he's deaf. He was born that way. No one wanted him because he was deaf. And, I always wanted a white cat w/blue eyes. So, the deafness didn't bother me any. Then there is Deuce. Whom my dog Scrappy (RIP) brought to me one night in her mouth exactly 1 week after I adopted Joker. She is a black/white tux cat. She only has 3 legs now. She injured her front left leg somehow & the vet said it had to come off. But, she doesn't let that bother her. She get's around great. Her & Joker are 7. Then there's Runt. I found her on the side of the road. Some a$$hole dropped her off. She was only about 3 wks old if that. I had to bottle feed her for a couple weeks. Lastly there is my baby, Cat 5. His full name is Cat 5 From Outer Space. He was named after an Ed Wood movie "Plan Nine From Outer Space" My hubby has a weird sense of humor sometimes. LOL I just call him Cat 5. He just showed up here 1 day about 1 1/2 yrs ago. He was about 3 or 4 months old. He's my special baby. I am pretty sure he's part Bengal. He's afraid of thunder. He hides under the couch. I call him Scardy Cat!! LOL

Personal Info

Shelly Trout
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More About What I Do
I am retired from the state. I worked at P.H.E.A.A. (student loan industry) for 20 years. Now, I get to stay at home with all my furbabies. I fight bouts of depression same as you. My hubby has his own business. He repairs boats/motors/cars & stuff. Also sells all kinds of boat/RV stuff & new boat motors. He's been self employed for over 25 yrs now. We have been married for 5 1/2 yrs now.


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