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My Cats

Candy - 8 year old moggy. She mewed at me persistantly from her pen at the animal sanctuary 4 years ago and hasn't stopped since.
Martin - 5 year old Maine Coon. Was deemed unhomeable by my bosslady at the sanctuary due to his habit of weeing in his waterbowls. When I finally met this massive boy and picked him up for a cuddle he promptly headbutted me and said "I like you. When we going home?" Now only does wee in his water if really cross with me. Randomly does them in the bath too. Right down the plughole!
Pickle - 15month old moggie. Also known as Tiny Terror, His Grand Tinyness, Attacker of Feet. Manic wooshy lunatic of a kitty who likes to wake me up if he thinks I really should be awake. 8.30am is the latest I'm allowed to sleep in. On a bad day, its 4.30am. *twitch*

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Kitty wrangler at local animal sanctuary - currently having time off because of nerve issue in my arm I've just had fixed. I clean up, fuss, stroke, cuddle, brush and talk to whichever of the 200+ cats feel like being sociable.


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