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Tamar Arslanian
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I Have Cat
Single in the city - with cat (s)

I am a single female Manhattanite, and I Have Cat (s). I refuse to fall prey to the “Cat Lady” stereotype. I wear my cat-hair-free black clothing like a badge of honor. If you passed me on the street you would never know.

Having a cat is not exactly a dirty little secret. But still. People talk.People shake their heads and warn that I will never again have good furniture or a man.

Is it true that a 4-legged ball of dander can take down a life so easily?
I’ve set out to discover the truth. About myself, my feline attachment, and the dog-eat-dog city against which it all goes down.

About My Cats

My Cats

KIP (male tabby around 10 years old):
Kip is Cat #1 and was adopted when I was dating a man who had 2 cats himself (refer to “He Had Cat (s)”). and was named at the shelter after the neighborhood he was ostensibly found (”Kip’s Bay”). Though I have doubts he ever spent even a day outside given his dislike for both people food and – as I learned the hard way – the outdoors. Kip enjoys: Gay paws (I will explain this in a blog soon), running away from Petey, sleeping at foot of human keeper’s bed, and Temptations (the treats).
Many of my friends have never meet Petey (Cat #2) given his intense phobia of people, resulting in his residing in my bedroom closet when others are present. Since hardly anyone ever sees him, perhaps I should only acknowledge having one cat. Hmmmm, guess it’s too late for that now.

PETEY (male grey tuxedo around 5 years old):
Let’s just say the cat rescue folks knew they had a softie/sucker and played me perfectly. My sister sums it up pretty well when she says Petey is “special needs” and “eats his emotions”. My mother, every time she sees him, asserts that he “adds no value” and can’t I exchange him for another cat? [see "The Cat-Less Years" for more on my animal-free upbringing]

Thanks to Kip, I will never have “real” furniture again unless of course it’s microsuede (harder for them to get their claws into and destroy, though Kip always finds a way). About the only thing I trained him to do was use the scratching post as a signal to me that he would like a “Temptation” thank you very much.

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Recently unemployed and trying to figure out how I can use my marketing/advertising skills to help animals. Open to suggestions!


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