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Dionne Canter

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A Few of My Favorite Things


Cats, kittens, puzzles, any animals, music, did I mention cats?

Movies and Television

Must Love Dogs! You forgot that one :-)

Yes, I Read, Too!

Grisham, Cornwell

The Sound of Music

Anything except Gospel and some rap. Classic Rock is first love.

About My Cats

My Cats

Annie: She is a stunning medium hair ginger tuxedo with green eyes and weighs in about 6 pounds. From her sketchy history for her first 4 years she was abused and abandoned on the side of the road. She was adopted twice and return due to her lack of prior socialization. But she picked me to bring her our of her shell. I have now had her for 10 years. She is my first cat as an adult (the 9 I had at various times growing up don't count), she is my princess and a complete lovebug. Unfortunately, she has had a heart murmur all her life, and from injuries (or other reasons) she came to be with a less than perfect eyesight. She has recently had 3 strokes, has lost sight in her right eye completely, but is battling daily to stay around.

Hugo: He is a grey/brown/black tabby tipping 18 pounds. He has no neck, and surprising little fat. I call him my Great American House Tiger. He was born a barn kitty in '03, 2 litters at the same time (mother and daughter), 6 kittens, and he was only one of two that survived. I chose him when he was 2 weeks and visited him every day until I got to bring him home (he was supposed to be Emma). Although he is monster pile of catloaf, he's a complete wuss and mama's boy. Squeals like a little kitten and gets scared by anything bigger than a squirrel.

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Dionne Canter

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I'm the operations manager over 3 locations in NC and VA for a distributor of industrial battery and DC power systems.


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