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A Few of My Favorite Things


Cats and more cats,Facebook,animal charities,animal welfare

Movies and Television

Shawshank Redemption,all animal documentaries,Meerkat Manor,My Sister's Keeper,

Yes, I Read, Too!

books by Virginia Andrews

The Sound of Music

Snow Patrol,Natalie Merchant,Sarah McLachlan,Damien Rice,James Blunt.....hate rapping

About My Cats

My Cats

I have one very special Silver Spotted British Shorthair called Apple.She is 7 but I got her as my companion when she was 5.She is beautiful both on the outside and inside and I'd be lost without her....she is my life

Personal Info

Tracy Gallimore
Blogs, Web Sites and More

Facebook page for Apple called "Fans of Apple"

Working Life

Industry You Work In
Stay-at-Home Mom
More About What I Do
I used to work in a bank before I became a full time Mummy to my daughter, I have previuosly worked in the airline industry


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