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A Few of My Favorite Things


My very spoiled cat-Chessie, reading,hanging online, researching my family tree,and cheap bad romance novels.

Movies and Television

I am a big fan of Alex O'Loughlin, who starred in Moonlight, and who will be in Three Rivers on CBS on Sunday nights.

Yes, I Read, Too!

most romance novels, about the past of the future. Mostle anything really.

The Sound of Music

Classical, country, jazz, and rock. Nothing to loud.
Elton John, Billy Joel, Mozart, Kenny Chesney

About My Cats

My Cats

I served one cat named Chessie, who has been with me almost eight years. She will only eat smelly processed turkey lunchmeat, and a certain brand and flavor of dry food. She like to chase my roommates feet, just to scare her. And always comes running when I use the patent pending cat horn-(paper towel roll).

Personal Info

Jacki Amrhein-Phillips

Working Life

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More About What I Do
We the willing, lead by the unknowning, are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful., We have done so much, with so little, we can now do anything, with nothing!


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