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Not on My Watch: Chubby Sisters. New Photos!

Big baby girl copy.jpg
©2010 Bobby Stanford. Sweet tux lady getting ready to roll over for a belly rub!

Thanks to our ever diligent, Bobby, we have another set of lovely photos to share with all of you. If you're thinking about adopting these kitties, then here's another look at them!

lovely green eyes.jpg

©2010 Bobby Stanford. Those green eyes are gorgeous.

They are soooo adorable!

©2010 Bobby Stanford. You know you want to adopt me!

If you would like to help these girls, please contact:

East Lake Vet Hospital

86 Claire Ct
Mcdonough, GA 30252-4836

or CALL: (770) 914-0735

Transport can be arranged.

Gray toe copy.jpg
©2010 Bobby Stanford. ONE GRAY TOE! I LOVE IT!

YOU CAN ALSO CONTACT ME DIRECTLY and I will pass the word onto East Lake.

If you contact me, I'm going to ask you to fill out a pre-adoption application through my rescue group. You can find it HERE. That way we can get some background on anyone who is going to end up taking the cats. We don't want them to ever be homeless again!

If you fill out the form, make SURE you put that the cats you want are the EAST LAKE SISTERS! THANK YOU!

Foster Cat Journal: Question of the Day

For those of you wondering what the heck happened to me and why I didn't post this past week, it can be summed up thusly: Kitten Associates is (somewhat) Open for Business!

After weeks of preparation and endless head-scratching on how to set Adoption Policies, I finally have enough cobbled together where we can start promoting our group and sharing the kittens we have for adoption. Yes, the time has come!

Kitten Associates brand new main page. You can visit us at:

This week I started getting Pre-Adoption Applications. I ask many questions on my Ap in the hopes I can understand potential adopters better and figure out if they'll be a good match for my kittens. I've been accused of being too picky or asking for too much. Maybe that's true, but I'd rather be able to sleep at night, knowing I did what I felt was right, instead of just trying to move animals out the door. I don't have a shelter and I'm not "open admissions" so I have the luxury of taking time...just not too much or the kittens will be too big.

Cinnie laying down_sm.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. How cute is Cinnie?!

Speaking of size, the girls were big enough to be spayed this week, so I got myself over to H.O.P.E at a way-too-early 7:30AM drop off time (okay, it's 8AM, but I got there early). The person doing admissions and I had a little snitty conversation about what to feed the cats. Apparently, dry food is good for cleaning cats teeth (one of the biggest mis-truths out there) and dry food “has special vitamins and minerals that kittens need for optimum health.” Really? And what vitamins and minerals are these? Corn? Wheat? Sugar? I was so shocked...then she said I should be working with my Vet to make sure my cats aren't suffering or getting the wrong nutrition. As if VETS know about nutrition! My Own Vets both told me they did not get much of anything regarding nutrition when they were in school. I really wanted to slap this woman in the face, but since this is a low cost S/N Clinic, I had to bite my tongue-which would have had better nutrition in it than some of those kibble foods..blah. Hey, it's great for dogs, but dogs are not cats. I only wished Margaret Gates from FNES had been there with me to let this woman have it.

sugar playing sm.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Sugar Pie shows off her hunting skillz.

The kittens are home now and doing well. I de-wormed them again and all of a sudden, they're starting to get a little padding on their frame-finally. They have been too skinny (probably because of the dry food I refuse to feed them...hmpf!), but now they feel REALLY soft (from the grain-free and raw food they get) and chubby. I love it.

Yodel in the Window sm.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Yodel and her goofy little expression.

So my next task is to find homes. I've gotten many applications on Honey B. and Sugar Pie and I'm sorting through them. I already said; No, to a family-who felt I was being unfair saying no when I suggested they adopt a 5 or 6 month old kitten to a 1 yr or older cat because they have FOUR KIDS and a DOG. One of the kids is 3. Although they were a great family, just not for a tiny kitten. I think it would be too much on the cat and if the littlest child got hurt or bitten, then what?

It leaves me with a nagging question: How do I find homes where they won't EVER give up on these kittens? Where they will take good care of them for the rest of their life? Where they won't balk if it costs $1000.00 for Vet care should the cat fall ill. Where, if they break up with their boyfriend or husband or whatever, they won't give up the cat, too? I know. I can't solve all the issues, but how do I cut it down so that the fewest cats are at risk of ever being returned?

Two days ago I got a call from the adopter of two of Santa's Team, kittens. These were Donner and Dancer, the two kittens I felt went to the wrong home, who I tried to get back-unsuccessfully. Now they want to give up Dancer because she is "too shy." The one person in the family-an 18 yr old daughter, who was working with the kitten, has moved out and now the kitten only hides...this was one of the reasons, I wanted the cat back months ago.

So I told the person, I would help him either work out the behavior issues so he can keep the cat or he would have to return it to where he adopted it from...and that I no longer have a relationship with this group. He said he would call me back.

I haven't heard from him since.

Now I wonder...will the cat be given up, given to a shelter, let outside? I have no idea. This is what I face times 6 more cats...

This is the tough stuff. How to find great homes for little kittens who need more work than adults, more love (maybe?) and certainly careful guidance so they group up to be outstanding companions.

Where are you wonderful families and folks? Where are you? What question do I need the answer to to KNOW you will do right by my fosters?

Not on My Watch: A Broken Leg, but Not a Broken Spirit

8.19.10 118_rz.jpg
©2010 Henry Co. Care & Control. Little Maria last week after we rescued her off death row.

Imagine you're a little kitten. Life has not been easy for you. Yet, somehow your good nature and willingness to love unlocks good favor-the kind most creatures in your condition never get to know.

Imagine you broke your leg, near the hip socket. How painful that must have been. It would have been nice if someone had helped you, but they did not. Did you become aggressive and angry, when you were forced to limp, every step filled with pain? No. You did not. You purred. You wanted to be held and stroked and told it was going to be all right very soon.

Maria 409 copy.jpg
©2010 Maria Sandoval. Little Maria in foster care.

But no one did that for you for a long time. No one helped you for a month, so being a kitten your leg began to mend itself, but not correctly. Part of your femur overlapped another part by an inch. The leg began to fuse, but you are still growing. How would you get along like this? You didn't know. You could walk okay, but not great. Mostly, you sat a lot. For awhile you sat in a cage and waited until some nice people helped you out. You thanked them by purring, your special purr and asking for some love.

They took you to many doctors and x-rayed your leg. They asked many questions-how could a 2.82 pound kitten be in such trouble? Then, one Doctor realized you were not a tiny kitten, but just very very very thin. They saw your teeth. It told them another story about you. That you are four months old, not 9 weeks. That no one fed you on top of ignoring your broken leg. Did you get mad? No. You just purred your purr and asked for more love, even if you didn't get any food to eat. That was okay by you, because you just want to be loved.

Maria Portrait.jpg
©2010 Maria Sandoval. Little Maria smiles even though she must be in pain.

Because you're a very nice kitten, underweight and overflowing with love, because some people got together to care for you, they found a way to fix your leg, instead of cutting it off as many would do just to save a dollar. They found a way to fix your leg and they paid for some of it themselves because they care so much. They have $500.00 left to raise for your surgery, that's it. Not very much to help a nice kitten who deserves every nice thing we can do for her.

maria sitting up a bit.jpg
©2010 Maria Sandoval. Little Maria sits awkwardly but is ready for some petting and snuggling.

So today we ask you, to ask your friends, to look in your pocket, to find a few dollars to give to Maria's Surgery Fund. Maria is a magnet for good fortune in that our dear friends, Mr. & Mrs. Warren & Terri Royal, who are VERY VERY GOOD FRIENDS to cats, have offered to MATCH any donation, up to $150.00, so for every dollar you donate, another will be added to the pot. The sooner we can raise the money, the sooner the surgery can be paid for.

maria lying down.jpg
©2010 Maria Sandoval. She's still far too thin for her age, but now that she's safe in foster care (and her foster mama, Maria LOVES HER very much!), she will begin to finally put on some weight. She will always be a small kitty, though..

Mr. Royal has also offered to donated 15% of the proceeds of any orders placed by readers of Covered in Cat Hair on either of his two web sites: or websites. When you make your purchase, in the COMMENTS AREA write "COVERED IN CAT HAIR" so they'll know your purchase is for Little Maria.

Thank you to Bobby, Maria, Connie, Carole and all the Vets who have shared the expertise with us and helped us to find a way to help Maria walk without pain and have a wonderful future-filled with purrs and love.

P.S. YOUR DONATION Via CHIPIN IS GOING TO ANIMALS IN DISTRESS, who will be taking Little Maria into their NEVER-KILL, NO-CAGE shelter here in Connecticut once Maria is well enough to travel. A.I.D IS A registered NON-PROFIT, 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Not on My Watch: As the Hurricane Churns

As Hurricane Earl churns in the Atlantic, I sit and wait and wonder if it's going to behave and only give the folks here in Connecticut a glancing blow of high winds and torrential rain or if the weather reports will be wrong and Earl will take a devious leap west and blast us with its' Category 2 fury.

I realized that should we ever take a direct hit that I have nowhere to go that would allow cats-and certainly not foster cats that also have ringworm. I couldn't even put them in the car with the healthy cats.

I'd be forced to stay behind.

So Sam and I got up at 6AM. This was not my idea of a good time. No one should get up until at least 9AM and 10AM would be even better. Anyway, we wanted to get to the grocery store and buy some non-perishable items like pudding cups, nuts, chocolate covered raisins. You know-important things that will keep us healthy if we lose power—which happens if you fart too hard around here. We expect the power will go out-which also means, no WATER.

We live in a house where everything is run by electricity-including the pump that goes to our 390' deep well. That means no shower and NO FLUSHING. Not fun. We have those 5 gallon bottles of water and a dispenser. Some of the bottles are empty so we filled them with tap water. Ah ha! Now we will be able to flush, though holding a 40 pound jug of water, aiming over the toilet tank, then hoping you don't miss and dump it all over the floor or miss and get it into the toilet BOWL, which would splatter whatever was currently IN the bowl all over the walls.

Gosh, I hope the power doesn't go out tomorrow. I just don't think there's enough bleach in the world to clean my walls after that.

As I wait to find out if my little house in the woods is going to be decimated by Hurricane Earl, I thought I'd catch you up on a BUNCH of no particular order...


Her leg, HELLO!, is HEALED! She will walk just fine. She beat the infections, but traded them off for a cold. That said she is well enough now to go into foster care. I heard her foster home is terrific and her rescuers, called The Cat Women, should be getting a check from me via Sweetwater Vet Hospital, to cover ALL of HOPE's medical bills! There will be a bit left over and that will go into a fund to help other cats who need vet care.

HOPE has a new name: Ariel. This will mark her new journey. In a very strange coincidence, Ariel's foster mom is none other than Mary Jo-who is the subject of item number 2!


Big Orange's owner is a senior citizen with dementia who cannot care for her cat and whose (jerkwad) of a son refuses to allow the cat in the house! The poor cat has been attacked by local (equally jerky) kids. Mary Jo (sound familiar?) stepped up to help rescue this big lug. When news got out about his troubles lots of folks chimed in, willing to help. I got the word out to my rescue babes and one of them offered to give him a home. I can't say more than that because the details aren't worked out, but even if not, Big Orange is SAFE. Mary Jo got him today only to find out the (jerkwad of the century) son now wants to get a puppy since the cat is gone. Is there no justice for this cat? Perhaps a wonderful life in a better home will do the trick?

golfcoursecat copy.jpg
©2010 Mary Jo. Her original poster trying to find help for Big Orange.


There aren't enough swear words to cover how I feel about Pattycake getting ringworm. She had it in transport, but only a tiny dot on her ear. I didn't even NOTICE what you see below. Granted the area was shaved after Dr. Larry's Vet Tech, Mighty Lauren found it!

©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Fungus Amongus.

And of course, a few days later I felt some "crud" on her brother, Moonpie's ear so he's got it, too. Both cats are in the bathroom for eternity, or another month. Then they will be 5 months old and even harder to find a forever home for. If this is as bad as it gets I will be grateful. If the 4 little kittens in the foster room get it, too...that will be really bad...if my cats get it...well...not good...not good at all.

©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. They share everything...ugh.

4. Bob has a URI. Spencer has really bad feline acne that I just can't get rid of, Nicky PEED on the floor right in front of us so he's at the Vet getting tests done and poor Gracie's dermatitis just won't go away!

vet 9.1.10_sm.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. Bob. No fever but sneezing and coughing. My poor baby!

This is why having TWO cats is nice. If one gets sick, no problem. If both got sick, no problem! When they ALL start to get sick? PROBLEM! Having EIGHT CATS is NOT FOR SOMEONE WITH A WEAK CONSTITUTION-which is WHY I should have TWO CATS!


Thanks to Barb Lowe at Winging Cat Rescue and two other rescue groups, five cats from Jasper were saved, along with three others from Douglas and eight by our friend Joan Flores in TN, along with six from Heard County and three more who were supposedly rescued but their rescue DUMPED THEM!!!!! they were RE-RESCUED!

Frances rez.jpg
©2010 Jasper Co. Animal Control. This is Frances.

That's 25 MORE CATS SAVED!!!

Maybeline rez.jpg
©2010 Jasper Co. Animal Control. This is Maybelline.

saber rez.jpg
©2010 Jasper Co. Animal Control. This is Saber. Yay Saber!

Yes, there's a price for rescuing all these cats. Barb needs Scotch and a vacation somewhere quiet AND she needs $400.00 to cover transport. Let's show her how we can help her money woes disappear and thank her for all her hard work, saving these babies!

5. My little kittens are pushing three pounds a piece, except for Cinnie-Minnie who is just a tiny little thing.

Oh, and they're super cute, but I don't get to spend nearly enough time with them!

eating 9.1.10_sm.jpg
©2010 Robin A.F. Olson. From left to right: Yodel, Sugar Pie, Honey B. and Cinnamon.

6. Little Maria WILL be having her surgery next week! Stay tuned for LOTS MORE NEWS ABOUT THIS BIG EVENT FOR A LITTLE KITTY!

That is if my power doesn't go out tomorrow...and Earl keeps his distance.

Foster Cat Journal: When Busted Out is Taken Literally

Little Maria and Pauly are safely out of Henry County, in the loving care of Bobby, our devoted driver, babysitter, and photographer of all kitties we rescue from there. Though knowing they're off death row is one thing, but the kitties are never out of the woods until we get them to see the Vet and get the results of their Snap Test, which lets us know with some accuracy (depending on the age of the cat), if the cat is positive for Feline Leukemia or FIV.

Important People_sm.jpg
©2010 Bobby Stanford. Used with Permission. Some of the friendly staff at East Lake, where we often take our shelter rescued kitties.

©2010 Bobby Stanford. Used with Permission. Little Maria waits for her exam.

I really hate waiting for results.

If a cat is positive for Feline Leukemia, which is easily transmitted between cats, then what do I do? Guidelines will say euthanize. I am terrified I will have to make that decision one day.

At least for Pauly and Little M., the results were negative. On to the next concern...what is wrong with Little M.'s rear end? Why does one bone in her right leg protrude out? What happened to this little baby?

Dr. Segal_sm.jpg

©2010 Bobby Stanford. Used with Permission. Dr. Segal with Little M..

After a few xray's it was pretty clear what was wrong. Little M. has a broken right rear leg. It's broken near the femoral head, which is basically the top end of the femur that usually fits into the hip socket. Little M., who we are told is only NINE WEEKS OLD, at 2.2 POUNDS, has been living with this broken leg for quite some time. There is evidence of the injury healing itself, but not healing correctly. Little M. can walk, but with a wobble. She does not seem to be in pain, but she will be as she ages, if nothing is done.

Dr. Segal gave us some options:

1. Do nothing but give her cage rest-meaning lock her up in a small crate so she can't move around much and let the break heal on its' own. The result will be that Little M. will have one leg a bit shorter than the other, will develop arthritis in her leg and perhaps never be able to jump.

2. Amputate the leg. It's less expensive then a surgical correction, but then she will have to hop around for the rest of her life. Sure she can manage, but the leg isn't useless, it's just broken.

3. Have a surgical consult done and find out if this leg can be repaired. There's a procedure called Femoral Head Ostectomy where the femoral head is removed, and the leg is re-set into the hip. It would mean a relatively normal life for Little M., IF that is the end result. Right now we don't know what, exactly, she needs, but we do know that the surgery has to happen soon since the break is already repairing itself incorrectly and she's just a baby and growing fast. We need to take action, but the surgery is going to cost a few thousand dollars AND we may need to have the surgery done in Georgia...after that is done, when can we hope to get Little M. to Connecticut?

And...Little M. is sick.

Checks Maria_sm.jpg

©2010 Bobby Stanford. Used with Permission. One of the Vet Tech's checks out Little M.'s hips.

She has an upper respiratory infection and a temp of 104°F. We can't even think of doing any surgery to her until she is clear of the disease. With any luck she will be fine in a week, but she is young, sick and just came out of a shelter. We all know that URIs can last for months.

Even through all of this, Little M. purrs and is a sweet cat. She will even try to play. Her will to live is still strong. One day I hope we can look back on the challenges we're facing with this kitten and realize it all ended up well. I guess my gut will be in a knot until things get sorted out for her.

Defying Grav_sm.jpg
©2010 Bobby Stanford. Used with Permission. Pauly does a great job defying gravity.

Meanwhile, there's Pauly. At about 4 months old, he's a bundle of raw energy mixed with sugary sweetness. Pauly does not want to hold still for the camera, especially when he's being fussed with at the Vet. He is in good shape, but of course, has been exposed to Little M.'s URI, so we will see how big of a mess this turns into.

©2010 Bobby Stanford. Used with Permission. Pauly isn't so sure about it a treat or treatment?

Pauly finally burned himself out long enough for Bobby to get a photo of him. His white toe tips and tail tip is adorable! He's got very lovely tabby markings and beautiful eyes. All we have to do is get him neutered and he will be ready to go in no time! Connie said she felt he will do well here in CT-I agree 100%.

©2010 Bobby Stanford. Used with Permission. At last, Pauly relaxes long enough to be photographed.

We're going to have to do a fundraiser to help cover Little M.'s expenses and to pay for transport (some day!) to come north. I'm getting the nagging feeling I may have to drive down there to get the cats. I can't imagine putting a cat who recently had surgery onto a big, loud, transport. If any of you are going to be traveling northward in about 3 weeks or so, let me know! Until then, we just have to hold tight and hope that Little M.'s fever comes down and Pauly doesn't get sick, too.

Waiting Long_sm.jpg
©2010 Bobby Stanford. Used with Permission. Kitty artwork at a Vet's office is always a good sign.

You just never know what you're going to find out once you “bust” cats out of a shelter, but aside from any health issues, in time we'll find the same thing we always do—loving, lonely cats who deserve the best forever home possible.

Not on My Watch: Day 9. Death Row.

Nine days ago I wrote about three cats needing to be rescued from Henry County. That day, sadly one of them, named Jill Ann, had a serious stroke and was humanely euthanized. The remaining cats, a fragile, injured dilute calico and a rambunctious and loving tabby stayed behind. Each day that passes, is one day less they have left to live. This clock ticks down for every cat and dog at places like Henry County-that are too overcrowded due to people NOT Spaying or Neutering their animals.

8.19.10 114.jpg
©2010 Henry Co. Care & Control. Little Calico, injured in her hips. Did she get hit by a car a long time ago? We don't know. We just know she can't walk very well as she is now. She sits most of the time.

My resources are few and far between, but I knew that by sharing the story of these cats, that hopefully someone would either fall in love with them and adopt them or some rescue group would lend them a hand and bust them off of death row.

8.19.10 123.jpg
©2010 Henry Co. Care & Control. Loves to give love, this tabby reaches to be petted, not to swat at the hand above him.

No one has stepped forward. Who wants to take on an injured cat that will have medical expenses? Who wants another tabby, even if he IS friendly? The siamese or the maine coons or the tiny kittens get out. These guys are the last to be picked for the team.

In some way, I guess I was on target, I just didn't realize who would fall for these two kitties–my very own foster Mama-Maria and my friend and co-hort in rescue-Connie! Maria has been asking me about the Tabby for these past nine days-if someone has rescued him, if we can take him in, where can he go if we DO take him in? It's been tough to say no.

Meanwhile, Connie wants to help the poor injured dilute Calico, but I just don't have a place for her. Now that Bobbi is adopted and with her new family, there IS an opening at Connie's home for fosters and due to the generosity of Carole, the Director of A.I.D., who is willing to open her shelter to BOTH of these cats...we have some good news!

So, as I have said before...I will say again...


8.19.10 118_rz.jpg
©2010 Henry Co. Care & Control.No more ID# for this cat. She now has a name: Maria

We don't know what happened to this little dilute's back end. She can't walk well and sits most of the time. We'll give her the best care we can, but we may, too, put a hand out and ask for a few dollars to help pay for the care she needs. She may need a surgery to either correct her problem or amputate one of her legs. We will do everything we can for her now that she is with us and will be coming to Connecticut in two weeks!

©2010 Henry Co. Care & Control. No more ID# for this cat, too. His name is Pauly.

This little guy is such a love bug that the Kennel Master at Henry has been aching over the idea of having to euthanize him. Happily, she will not have that worry any longer...and now that we're opening up two more cages, maybe two more kitties will get a few more days added onto their countdown clocks?

As always, my hope would be to never have to write these stories, to never have to be sick over the cats we couldn't get to..and there are so many...but we got two, so let's be of good cheer. There will be no day 10 on death row for these babies-they will have Day 1 of their NEW LIFE STARTING TODAY!

P.S. Anyone driving from Georgia, northwards in two weeks? We are gonna need TRANSPORT!

Not on my Watch: A Little Kitten's Struggle to Survive

WARNING: Graphic photo of belly wound, below. Please be forewarned and use your good judgement as to if you wish to look at it.

Hope sits quietly on a soft blanket in a cage at Sweetwater Creek Animal Hospital in Lithia Springs, Georgia. Once a city named after it's historic Mineral Water, now so small its' residents voted to dissolve the city charter in 2001 and essentially de-incorporate it. There weren't enough services to qualify Lithia Springs as being a city any longer. That this tiny town even has a good Vet is a very lucky thing for this four month old kitten.

Sometime about twelve days ago, something terrible happened to Hope. Only she and the people who harmed her, know what really happened. Anyone who sees her now, don't have to be psychics to know she was injured by an unspeakably cruel hand.

Hope Alt Version.jpg
©2010 Cathy P. Used with Permission. Hope, today, August 24th.

Hope's underweight body is curled tightly. Her front paws drawn inward, perhaps a way to protect the deep, ragged gashes on either side of her belly. Wounds so painful it's difficult for her to sit otherwise. The wounds, shocking and large are from a fish hook that gouged her from one side of her abdomen to the other—as if she were hung on the hook like a piece of bait. It was not enough to stop there, the hook also travelled into her left leg causing a serious infection.

©2010 Cathy P. Used with Permission. Tiny Hope's belly shows two gapping holes from where the fish hook entered and exited her body.

While I don't know the details of how Hope came to Sweetwater, I know many people involved in her care were so moved by her good nature and her serious injury, that they had to find a way to help-instead of humanely euthanizing her. I was alerted to her situation a few days ago and I, too, could not look away from this humble creature and just assume someone else would help her out.

I don't want to torture myself or others, with the thoughts of how this cat must have suffered such pain. How the person or people who did this to her aren't human. They are pond scum. They are worse than that. For what sort of person could take a young animal, just learning about the world, just learning to trust and do that...jam a big hook into her belly, as if she had no feelings, as if she were garbage.

I emailed Cathy, my sole contact about Hope. She said no one was raising funds for her and thanks to a little push from our friend at CiCH, Izzy, I decided to just raise money for her myself, even though I don't know this Vet. I don't even know Cathy's last name. I had to look up Lithia Springs on the map. It didn't matter. A kitten needed help. I could do my little bit to make a difference.

Thanks to the generosity of MANY people from all over the country, so far I've raised $490 of my $600 goal. Hope may need much more than this, but it's a very good start.

You see, Hope may lose her left rear leg. As of today, though the swelling on it has gone down and she's responding to the antibiotics, she cannot stand on her own. Partly due to being weak, underweight, with serious belly wounds-how could she stand with even that? We simply don't know how she will do. We don't know if she will walk and maybe someday play again, but what we do know is the awful people who did this to her are far outshined by the good people who rescued her, who care for her and love her as she recovers.

©2010 Cathy P. An uncomfortable Hope, sits before us. We all send her our love and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

The good news for Hope is that we will not need to find foster care for her. Her foster mama, who I hear is excellent in every way, can't wait for her to arrive-when she is well enough to do so. Should her leg have to go, Hope will still be as loved and still have a wonderful life ahead of her.

For now, we wait. We hope the antibiotics will continue to do their thing...that this little girl will pull through her ordeal and one day be able to stretch out and relax, no longer in pain, with those bad memories long behind her and only good ones to come.

Helping Hope. ChipIn Widget to the Rescue!

Since Sweetwater Creek Animal Clinic does not have a ChipIn widget, one of our readers, our friend, Izzy, suggested I create one.

Please read this BEFORE you donate any money for this kitten's care.

I'm raising funds to help Hope with her Vet bill. I was told it will be, at least $600, that does not include if she needs her leg amputated. Any donation you make is going to be collected into MY PayPal account. Once the fundraising period ends, whatever money has been collected will go to the clinic in care of Hope. PayPal takes a CUT of every donation, so whatever money is left after their small fee is taken, is what I will personally send to Sweetwater. If we raise the money BEFORE the deadline, then I will cut a check sooner. The money you donate is NOT going to a Non-Profit, so you can't write this off. I want you to know about this, so you can choose to do whatever you feel comfortable doing.

If you wish, you are WELCOME to call Sweetwather Creek at 678-838-7387 and donate directly to them. I'm providing a ChipIn widget just to make it easier to donate.

If I find out they've gotten enough donations, then I will cut the fundraiser short. IF there is any money leftover I will find out if there's a rescue group taking her and I will give the money to them OR I will donate the money over to Barb at Winging Cat Rescue.

If you would be so kind to let folks know they can donate to HOPE, here, that would be great! Thank you so much!

Not on My Watch: Kitten Injured by Fish Hook Needs Funding ASAP & Foster Help!

UPDATE: Hope is NOT DOING WELL. She IS at Sweetwater, but the infection in her leg is not improving. She may lose her leg. Her kidney values are poor. They are trying to raise at LEAST $600 for her care but undoubtedly, she will need more than that...she could also use some prayers and good wishes.


A little kitten named Hope is just 3-4 months old. She's languishing from a serious infection due to a traumatic injury. She is HALF the weight she should be for her age. We need to raise funds for her AS SOON AS WE CAN. I don't have a Chip In Widget for them, but they DO ASK FOR DONATIONS TO BE SENT TO:

Sweetwater Creek Animal Clinic

2785 Lee Rd.

Lithia Springs. GA 30122


From my contact in Georgia, she tells us some background of what happened:

No: 4615 Name: HOPE Age: 3-4 months old

This poor little kitty arrived at the shelter on 8/12 with a large fish hook threaded through her lower stomach and into her upper leg. She was taken to the vet, and it was removed.

Unfortunately, Hope is not eating or drinking and really needs 'round the clock care to help pull her through the trauma of this experience.

We have no idea how this happened to her but it's heartbreaking to see those weak, pleading-for-help eyes, and know that she really needs someone to hand-feed, and give her the time and attention she needs to help raise her low spirits.

If you can help this little girl by providing a FOSTER HOME or are with a RESCUE GROUP THAT CAN PROVIDE CARE for her while she recovers from her injury, please contact:

Pat Hopper - Douglas County

Home: 770-577-7743 Cell: 404-725-0393


Please help me spread the word about getting this kitten the funding she needs to survive! I realize that calling a Vet to offer a donation or taking the time to write a check and mail it is a pain in the butt, but this kitten deserves our time and effort. I sure hope you can all pitch in to help this little one!

As always...THANK YOU for spreading the word!

A Few Comments...and an Announcement!

There's no news about KoKo so far today. Am hoping for an update some time tonight.

In the meantime, I just wanted to say; “Thank You!” to all the people who took time out of their lives to cross-post my swear-word-laden-rant all over the Net. Some of you had to revise my words a bit here and there so your own readers wouldn't blush too much. To me, it makes little difference what is said-as long as we FIND A PLACEMENT or an ADOPTOR for KoKo.

I also wanted to make a comment about YOUR comments. Many of you, like me, were furious about how this cat was treated and many of you spoke of the great lengths you've gone or would go to provide care for your animal friends. It hurts me to know that many of you are struggling and going without, so that your pets can have what they need. That is so noble and compassionate, but too, please DO remember that you need to take care of YOU, as well. It's a tough balancing act these days-with the costs of pet food and good Vet care on the rise, it's a wonder we have any money left over for our own food and healthcare. I wish things were different.

There was also a comment about how I should "write like an adult" and not use profanity in my blog post. Firstly, I have every right to express my thoughts and feelings however I see fit on My Blog. Also, if you read my Blog once in awhile, you know I don't use profanity as a matter of habit, so if I chose to, then you also know I am PASSIONATE about what I'm writing about. I really care about Koko and all the other cats (and dogs) who get dumped by their owners every day and in this situation, I think profanity was appropriate. I also don't want any bad feelings stirred up around here, so next time I'll still write what my heart moves me to write, but I'll put a little warning notice at the beginning so you don't have to worry about being offended.


Next. Let's change the pace here a bit. There's a brand new Spay/Neuter Clinic opening in GEORGIA with a very clever name: Planned PETHood of Georgia! I'm beyond thrilled. This will help so many families do the right thing for their pets and also allow local rescue groups to save money when they get their fosters fixed. Please visit their web site and say hello. They're also on Facebook, so fan them if you'd care to.

I love their Mission statement:

•Provide a solution to the warehousing and euthanasia of homeless pets by offering affordable, accessible spay/neuter services to individuals and animal welfare organizations.

• Promote awareness of pet overpopulation and the beneficial effects of spay/neuter to underserved communities; specifically low-income, non-English speaking, and those with feral cat populations.

• Present a sustainable, expandable model for low-cost spay/neuter, maintaining and improving this model until there are no communities in Georgia without local access to education and services.

• Produce a significant impact on the number of dogs and cats born, sheltered, and killed in Georgia.

If you live in the area, they're having an Open House on August 21, 2010 from 5-9 pm. Visit their web site for more information.


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