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Silver Bean Coffee: Best Friends Blend

We love our pals at Best Friends and we loved (but are still hungover from it) watching the Olympics! Put the two together and you get great coffee?

Wait! Even to my warped mind that does not add up.

Shannon Bahrke is a 2010 Bronze Medal and 2002 Silver Medal Winning Skiier who happens to love coffee and love giving back to support animals in need. Here's more from her web site:

Silver Bean Coffee Co was founded by 2002 Olympic Silver Medalist Shannon Bahrke. She started skiing at the age of 3 and has been a member of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team for the past 10 years. During this time, Shannon was also a member of two Olympic Teams and represented the United States in the Salt Lake City and Torino Winter Games. Whether she is competing in a World Cup competition in Italy, taking a high speed groomer on an early morning in Japan, or skiing endless powder all day long in Tahoe, Shannon feels most at home when she is on her skis. Because her sport enables her to travel all over the globe, Shannon has been lucky enough to sample a wide assortment of coffee in many exotic locations! Shannon’s tireless energy drives her to be the best in the competitive skiing world, while also enabling her to realize her dreams in the coffee business as well.

Now, the ever generous Shannon and her family are donating a portion of the proceeds from their Fair Trade Oragnic Coffee Blends to Best Friends! I bought one and it came today! Here's my fat hand along with the overstuffed bag of Best Friends Blend!

coffee front copy.jpg

Normally, I don't plug products, but I thought this was a nice way to get a caffeine buzz and help kitties, doggies and other homeless animals while I was at it. Oops. I don't drink coffee! Oh well.

Anyone wanna come over for a cup of coffee?

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