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Not on My Watch: GOOD FRIDAY!

No Name Cutie_sm_adopted.jpg

Thumper was in a cage at the Emergency Vet Clinic for 3 MONTHS! We get the word out on him and he gets a home in ONE WEEK!!!!!!

Do I know any details? He went to a family with one other cat and should have a grand old time in his new home. That's all I got!

Of course, while I was asking the Vet about Thumper they told me a kitten was just dumped there with a prolapsed rectum. They fixed it, for now, but it may require another surgery if it does not hold. I offered to come down and get photos of the kitten once she is ready to be we will be at it again trying to find a home for this baby, too.

In the meantime, CONGRATS, THUMPER!!!!

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