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Not on My Watch: Dilute Cali Caught in the Middle


This stunning, dilute calico has long hair and bright green eyes. She's just about a year old, vetted, FIV/FeLuk negative, spayed and DECLAWED. Abandoned and left to fend for herself in the pouring rain, she suffered terribly. She was found under a car, her coat in tatters. Even though she was poorly treated, she remains a friendly girl.

Right now this kitty is in an overcrowded foster home in South Carolina (we're talking 70 cats and some pit bulls-yes, that DO get the cats once in awhile). She needs to be busted out and transferred into safe hands.

Due to her age, even at a year, I'm not supposed to take her in. I might have a foster home for her, but I might also get a lot of grief that I don't need right now for even asking if we can help her out.

She is supposed to go to a small group in Durham, CT. This may still happen, but it may not. Apparently there have been some communication issues and if they are not resolved, it's possible that when I travel to Glastonbury on Saturday to pick up our two kittens, this cat may have NO ONE to take her. Would someone be THAT cruel? To say "Yes" to saving a cat, then not show up when the transport arrives? I like to think that maybe it's just a mixup. That people really aren't so terrible. That it will all work out and this kitty will get her foster home in CT.

If she doesn't. Then what? Will she go BACK to SC? Do I take her? Where do I put her? In addition to this sweet kitty, there's an EIGHT year old SH tux whose owner died a few weeks ago and if she isn't moved out of the owner's apartment by the end of the month, the cat will be euthanized. I need to find a foster home for this kitty, too...or a shelter placement at a NO-KILL.

I stuck my neck out and I'm trying to face all this, but I hate it. It's one thing if you mess up and fail a test, but if I fail these cats, they DIE. I hope I can find the help I need for them.

The tux is located in Bridgeport, CT (I'm also trying to get pix of her) you know ANYONE in that area who could help, please contact me ASAP. If you want to ADOPT the gorgeous dilute, let me know, too! We can transport her to you.

No wonder I have a hard time sleeping!

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