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The New Cat in Town

So I made it back home alive from my attempt at having an "adventure!," a road trip across the country!, e.g., a failed, stupid idea, where I was stranded in the heartland of America for 8 days. You can read about it HERE.

Now that I've returned, I'm slowly getting back into the old, boring, swing of things. My first act of normalcy, other than to sleep in my own bed, was to procure a foster kitten for, well, fostering.

Enter said kitten. Kitten? Umm...okay, how about really BIG, 6 month old young CAT? Yeah, Miss K (and I know you're reading this), an awesome tick-flicking, stray cat trapping animal rescuer, brought me a cat who was abandoned at the feeding station she set up a few years ago. The kitty, Smokey, was left, along with her pregnant Mom. Initially thought to be feral, the cats were trapped and brought to the Vet to be spayed.

Smokey started to purr right away, so even though that's GREAT, it's doubly sad because it means she's had human contact with a shitty human who dumped her.

Mom and new babies are in foster care, too, so no worries about them. I've got Smokey and my goal is to get her adopted in two weeks. That's all the time I have because I'm getting more kittens soon.

Smokey is very pretty, grey tabby with a hint of siamese, it seems. She's playful, super quick to purr LOUDLY and submissive. You can pick her up any old way, not support her rump and she'll just hang there 'til you hold her close. She's skittish, but in the first day I've already seen her calm down. I think, in time, she'll be just fine.

Photos will be uploaded this weekend.

Now lets get to work and find Smokey a home!

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